10 Tips for writing a Project Manager CV

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Your CV is the very first impression that you will make when applying for a position as Project Manager. Potential employers will not only be able to scrutinise your skills and certifications, but can learn a lot from your CV’s neatness and layout, so it is vital that it is done correctly.

Below we will look at some tips that will help candidates when compiling their Project Manager CV in order to make the best possible impression before advancing to the interviewing stage.

Compiling your CV

It is important that your project manager CV shows how your skills and traits can benefit the organisation that you are applying to. If you have in the past contributed ideas that have saved money, or increased revenue, they should be included.

Create your profile

Consider this to be a short introduction of yourself and your project management CV. List your character traits, what keeps you motivated and which goals you are working towards. Make sure that you keep it relevant to the post that you are applying for and don’t include any technical information.

Your CV’s layout

Ensure that your Project Manager CV isn’t cluttered and disorganised. Sections should be clearly distinguishable from each other and nearly marked. Use a font that looks professional and is easy to read. Don’t add any colours that con be distracting or too bright and opt instead for clear headings or bullet points when you wish to highlight a certain point.

Be easily contactable

Nothing is more frustrating for a potential employer than not being able to reach a candidate when they need to. This gives off an attitude of indifference which will make them think twice about interviewing you. Any contact sources added to your Project Manager CV should be monitored to ensure that you are available when the call or e-mail arrives from the potential employer.

Be easily contactable

List your education from the latest to the earliest. List each of your certifications and include details such as the institution it was gained from, the names of the courses studied, the dates that you studied the courses and the result that you achieved in your exams.

Also include any A-levels or GCSEs that you attained, however irrelevant they may seem. Try to keep this section as short as possible as the employer will focus more on the information that is relevant to the position that you are applying for.

Show your experience

Once again, this should be listed from most recent to least recent. Include experience that is relevant to the position with a strong focus on your most recent experience. Briefly list the responsibilities that you were tasked with and how those skills will be applicable in the position that you are applying for. Remember to add the start and end dates of each position that you held.

Mention your technical abilities

Ensure that you only list technical skills that you have a firm understanding of on your project management CV, as you will be quizzed on these and failing to produce a correct answer could be detrimental to your application.

Other abilities

Here you will list non-technical abilities for example:

Contactable Referees

This will be the closing section of your project management CV. Do not include referees that are no longer contactable and endeavour to add as many contact details as possible, such as the referee’s name, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses and physical business addresses.

Personal interests and hobbies

This section of your Project Manager CV should be kept short and concise. It will only be used to gain further insight into your personality and will not be a key factor in moving to the interviewing stage.


Keep your Project Manager CV as short as possible – no longer than two A4 pages. Don’t include a photo of yourself as this may come across as unprofessional. Make sure that the information that you include is relevant to the position you are applying for and ensure that each section only includes the information that is suggested in the section heading.

Following these tips will help you to compile a Project Manager CV that looks professional and presents you in the best possible light. Remember to keep it simple and to the point. Employers will not waste their time sifting through irrelevant information and will far prefer a Project Manager CV that is easy to read and understand.

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