BCS Associate Membership

Develop your professional career with a BSC membership

About BSC Membership

BCS membership is more than just a few monthly emails and discount prices, it’s an opportunity to develop your career in IT. It’s a membership that offers tools, resources and opportunities to reach your true potential.

When you sign up for a BSC membership you gain access to networking opportunities, publications and access to events, all in the name of developing your professional career.

Associate Membership (AMBCS)

The Associate Membership is also considered to be a stepping stone to full Professional Membership.

For those that are starting out in their career, the Associate Membership is the perfect start. This membership is for those who

  • have at least a years relevant IT experience
  • have completed their BCS examination

How will I receive my BCS Associate Membership?

Upon passing your examination, BCS will contact you to activate your membership. Once activated you will be a BCS Associate Member and will have access to the wealth of benefits and support to help you in your career.

It’s time you became part of something great, where you also get something out! A BCS membership is the perfect start to a professional career today.

What’s Included When You Sign Up?

As a BCS member you can enjoy a vast range of benefits. The benefits range from access to BCS Initiatives, to mentoring. You will also be part of their “Make IT Good For Society” campaign which aims to use IT to create a positive change in the world. Below we’ve listed all the benefits you will gain when you sign up for a BCS Membership.

  • Post-nominals

    The Associate Membership gives you the opportunity to stand out from the crowd and place the letters AMBCS after your name as post nominals. When networking with professional people, it’s hard not to notice those with a title. So let BCS help you stand out with a professional title to help build your network.

  • Access to BCS Initiatives

    Helping you succeed in your career is a top priority at BCS. Therefore they’ve developed, and given their members access to, initiatives that are sure to take you from novice to professional. Check out the associated links to find out more.

  • Belong to Something Great

    • Membership certificate (with framing and plaque services)
    • Name displayed in the register

    The essence of a BCS membership is to belong. Once you sign up, you immediately become part of an international community with amazing benefits. Being a BCS member means using the BCS logo, and displaying your membership certificate. On top of this, you will also have your name displayed in the BCS Register of Chartered Members and Fellows.

  • Build Your Professional Network

    • Local Branch meetings (for members within the UK)
    • International Sections (for those of you outside the UK)
    • Specialist Groups (for everyone)
    • Mentoring

    Networking is a fundamental aspect of the BCS membership. As the saying goes, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. With a BCS membership you have access to meetings nearby and far. You will also have access to specialists groups and an exclusive mentoring service.

  • Build on Your Existing Knowledge

    • Discounted training opportunities
    • ITNOW magazine
    • ACM Digital library and Ebsco ebooks
    • Reports
    • BCS bookshop discounts

    Holding a BCS membership is your way of showing the world that you’re hungry for new information. In the digital world today, those who stay ahead are those who continue to learn. A BCS membership gives you access to discounted training opportunities, ACM Digital library and over 10 000 Ebsco ebooks. You also get access to BCS bookshop discounts and industry reports from around the world. You’re sure to be in-the-know with a BCS membership!

  • Keep in Touch

    • eNewsletter
    • Social media

    As we mentioned earlier, networking is an important part of the BCS membership. What better way to be part of a community than through updates. When you sign up with BCS, you get access to weekly member e-newsletters and social media pages which are reserved exclusively for BCS members.

  • Your Professional Career Starts Now

    • BCS email address
    • Discount on insurance
    • Employment dispute services and legal help

    With a BCS membership you get access to services that will support your professional life. This means having access to email forwarding with a BCS email address and significant discount on Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII). UK employment dispute services are also part of this membership as well as legal help.