An In-Depth Review of PRINCE2® Online Courses


There is no denying that there is a great demand for qualified Project Managers and Project Team Members all across the world. Projects are being undertaken on a daily basis in almost every sector, industry and field. From smaller projects which might only deal with a new piece of software to massive projects that are implemented to build skyscrapers; there is always a need for professionals who can get the job done effectively and efficiently. This is where PRINCE2® and PRINCE2® online courses come in and in an effort to assist you with your research into the best form of PRINCE2® learning; we have done an in-depth review of the PRINCE2® online course.

A Brief Overview of PRINCE2®

PRINCE2® stands for PRojects IN Controlled Environments (version 2) and it is a methodology created specifically for the field of project management. Initially created for IT projects, it was soon realised that the method could easily be tailored to suit projects of any size, type, location and budget. This has led to it becoming the most widely used project management method in the UK and its popularity is continuously spreading across the globe.

The PRINCE2® method ensures that each stage of the project is managed effectively and that all the key areas of concern are monitored. This leads to a far greater chance of success when tackling any project. The PRINCE2® method has a significantly high success rate and this is the reason that so many businesses and organisations have chosen to pursue PRINCE2® learning for their project teams. PRINCE2® online courses and PRINCE2® classroom training are both readily available.

How well recognised is this qualification?

The PRINCE2® method has two stages of PRINCE2® learning that are required when you decide to study for PRINCE2® qualification:

  • PRINCE2® Foundation
  • PRINCE2® Practitioner

Although PRINCE2® classroom training is still available, many students, organisations and businesses are instead choosing the route of PRINCE2® online courses and PRINCE2® elearning. Although there appears to be an abundance of PRINCE2® elearning and PRINCE2® online courses available, it is important to make sure that the PRINCE2® learning that you choose is accredited by the APM Group. APMG is the official awarding body of all recognised PRINCE2® certifications and if the PRINCE2® online courses that you study for PRINCE2® qualification are not accredited, you will not receive official Registered PRINCE2® Practitioner status.

Whether you choose to study for PRINCE2® qualification through classroom training or PRINCE2® online courses, the official certification that you will receive is internationally recognised. Given that PRINCE2® is currently being practised in more than 50 countries worldwide, this is a very beneficial factor to consider. It is becoming increasingly common for projects to be carried out over various geographical locations (due to the tailoring aspect of the method) which means that when you study for PRINCE2® qualifications, you are broadening your employment horizons. Gaining these globally recognised certifications through PRINCE2® learning can result in the ability to work in various other countries as the method is universal throughout its practitioners.

The Benefits of Studying Online Compared to Classroom Training

It is important to bear in mind that the choice between PRINCE2® online courses and PRINCE2® classroom training is often a personal one due to what is required by the person who has chosen to study for PRINCE2® qualifications.

One of the main deciding factors, according to students, is flexibility. Flexibility in this instance refers to aspects such as time, cost and location. PRINCE2® learning in a classroom setting is restricted to the set dates, times and locations that are provided by the training facility and these sessions are almost always conducted over a five day period during the week. This obviously means that working students will have to take time off work to study for PRINCE2® qualifications.

Classroom training is also often charged at a higher rate than PRINCE2® online courses as there are greater overhead expenses that need to be covered by the training provider. Location can also increase the cost of PRINCE2® learning because there will undoubtedly be travel expenses as well as the cost of the training sessions. For those who do not have a PRINCE2® learning facility close to home, these costs can be quite significant.

When you choose PRINCE2® online courses (also known as PRINCE2® elearning) factors such as time and location do not affect your PRINCE2® learning. Online PRINCE2® courses can be studied anywhere and at any time. There is usually no set enrolment date and you can begin to study for PRINCE2® qualifications at any time that you wish. This also applies to actually working your way through the PRINCE2® online courses. Most training providers give between six months and one year’s access to their PRINCE2® elearning students and this allows you to study for PRINCE2® qualifications in your own time and at your own pace. This flexibility can make a noticeable difference in the ability to actually complete the PRINCE2® online courses and earn the official certifications after passing the exams.

Due to the reduced costs involved with offering PRINCE2® online courses, PRINCE2® elearning is also often more affordable than classroom training. There are even PRINCE2® training providers who offer financing and flexible interest-free repayment options to further the objective to make PRINCE2® elearning available to more students.

There are tremendous benefits to choosing PRINCE2® online courses and, aside from it being cost-effective; one of the greatest is the convenience. If you had decided to study for PRINCE2® qualifications, wouldn’t you want to do it from the comfort of your own home at a time that suits your own personal schedule?

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How long does it take to study for PRINCE2® qualification?

The time that it takes to study for PRINCE2® qualifications will vary between training providers and whether you have chosen classroom training or PRINCE2® online courses. Classroom PRINCE2® learning is done in intensive day-long sessions, while PRINCE2® online courses are more flexible as they are designed to be studied at your own pace.

The average length of time to study both your PRINCE2® Foundation and PRINCE2® Practitioner courses in a classroom setting is five days. These are generally the length of an average working day and also include several hours of self-study after the official PRINCE2® learning sessions. The recommended time needed for this choice of PRINCE2® learning is the entire week including the weekend before and most evenings during that week. The benefit of this is that once that week is complete you should have earned your PRINCE2® certifications (if you passed both your PRINCE2® learning exams) but it will require an intensive use of your time.

When it comes to PRINCE2® online courses, most training providers will grant access to the courses for between 6 and 12 months. This does not mean that the PRINCE2® online courses take this long to complete; it is simply to enable you to study at your own pace and in your own time. PRINCE2® elearning can be done on a very flexible schedule and will be well suited to those students who have busy lives and need the ability to study whenever they have a moment of free time. For those students who are able to study full-time, the PRINCE2® online courses can be completed in roughly the same length of time as the classroom PRINCE2® learning. The average length of PRINCE2® online courses is 20 hours for the PRINCE2® elearning Foundation course and 35 hours for the PRINCE2® elearning Practitioner course. These estimates are quite generous and it is definitely possible to work through the PRINCE2 online courses quicker than these averages.

To summarise the study times for PRINCE2® learning:

PRINCE2® online courses – Foundation: 20 hours
PRINCE2® online courses – Practitioner: 35 hours

Will I receive the full benefits with a PRINCE2® elearning or distance course?

The answer to this is a resounding “Yes”! Many people are still under the out-dated impression that PRINCE2® online courses (and most other online courses, for that matter) are of a lesser quality than traditional classroom PRINCE2® learning. There may have been an element of truth to this belief when elearning first began but modern technology and an increasing student preference for online courses has seen training providers insist upon the same quality for their students.

In these modern times everyone is busy and this is one of the biggest factors behind the growing popularity of elearning. However, students do not wish to spend their hard-earned money on courses that will not provide them with the same benefits as classroom training. For online training providers, such as those offering PRINCE2® online courses, it is of great importance to their longevity that they ensure that their course materials are of equal (or even greater) quality. More than simply a cost-effective PRINCE2® learning option, fully accredited PRINCE2® online courses will provide the full benefits, enable you to study for PRINCE2® qualifications and prepare you for your official PRINCE2® exams.

When searching for the best PRINCE2® online courses for your future as a PRINCE2® professional, be sure to check out this PRINCE2® Foundation course and this PRINCE2® Practitioner course.

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