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A Business Analyst can benefit any organisation, as most organisations can stand to improve their general operations and performance. As a Business Analyst, you will assist your organisation in bringing about significant change and ensuring that the change is sustainable. These improvements can be applied to organisations in any industry by analysing the specific needs of the organisation and formulating solutions to these requirements.

What type of person do I need to be?

For you to flourish as a Business Analyst, it is important for you to think critically and analytically and be able to clearly communicate your findings to individuals who may not be familiar with the data.

What Skills Do I Need As A Business Analyst?

Among the tasks you will need to fulfil as a Business Analyst, many of them depend upon evaluating business operations, analysing processes and examining the requirements of the business as a whole. This will require familiarity with visual modelling and effective documentation, as well as requirements elicitation.

What Will I Be Doing As A Business Analyst?

As a Business Analyst, you will be the one to formulate a strategy to improve the business based on your analysis of the business’s requirements. Once you have presented this strategy, you will be on hand to transition the business into adopting the changes that will help the business to operate at an optimum level.

£100000,00+ p/a

AVERAGE SALARY: £31000,00 p/a

ENTRY SALARY: £20000,00+ p/a


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Why do organisations need Business Analyst?

Whether the business needs to be revitalised completely or simply wants to streamline their performance, a Business Analyst can get down to the details and make sure that resources are being used effectively and processes are being executed optimally.

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