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Project Manager Job Programme

Price: Invest as little as £119.62 per month to work in Project Management

Salary: Become a Project Administrators and earn to £29k per year

Salary: Become a Junior Project Managers and earn up to £45k per year

Completion time:  8 – 10 weeks 

Start your Career Today

Our online Project Management Traineeship offers an easy and affordable way to start a new career. It involves three simple steps: online training, practical projects, and official exams. You can complete the training at your own pace, whether you’re working full-time, part-time, or unemployed.

Our expert recruitment team works closely with our graduates to help them land their dream job. We have partnerships across the UK and actively secure interviews to get you placed quickly. If you don’t receive a job offer within 15 weeks of finishing your studies successfully, we’ll refund 100% of your course fees.

Our job/money-back guarantee ensures you can confidently choose the Project Management Traineeship to kick-start your new career in project management.

Success Stories

See for yourself – explore success stories from hundreds of students who are now thriving in their new careers.

I thought the course was absolutely brilliant. All the videos were explained so well and the course material was great too – Abi

I cannot praise the courses enough. All three courses were really well structured, really well explained and really helped you get a handle on the material – Alan

There was never a time where I felt unsure about where I was with my program or doubtful about why I signed up to the program in the first place – Carelle

In A Nutshell

You will have 1-year of unlimited online access to complete the Traineeship.

The training program is broken down into 3 easy steps:

Step 1


Here, you’ll take a set of carefully chosen project management courses to understand a variety of topics thoroughly. The training includes videos, presentations, and quizzes on an online platform you can access from home. You can log in whenever it suits you, even if you’re working full-time. The main goal at this stage is to learn all the theory before moving on to practical training.

Step 2


Now that you’ve grasped the theory, it’s time to put it into practice and gain the necessary experience for the industry. You’ll work on real-world projects, including one centered on PRINCE2 Foundation and and one on PFQ. Plus, you’ll get hands-on experience through our Simulated Project Management Assignment.

Step 3

Official Exams

In this last phase, we’ll get you ready for your PRINCE2 and PFQ exams. You can choose to take the exams at approved test centers in the UK or conveniently online from your home. These qualifications are highly valued in the UK, making them a desirable addition to your CV for employers in various industries.

Accredited Qualifications to get you Placed

Below you can find the description of each course that you will be studying in step 1 of the Job Programme. The wide variety of PM related methodologies and best practices is what gives our students the well-rounded knowledge needed to become job-ready.

APM Project Fundamentals Qualification (PFQ)

The APM Project Fundamentals Qualification (PFQ) is an entry-level certification that introduces foundational concepts of project management, helping individuals understand key terminology and principles in project environments.

PRINCE2 Foundation

The PRINCE2 Foundation course provides an understanding of one of the world’s leading methodologies. This course will lay the groundwork for a successful project manager career.

Our Recruitment Process

Our specialist recruitment team will work with you on a one-to-one basis to place you into your new Project Management role. 

Recruitment Period

After finishing your studies, you’ll be paired with your own personal recruitment consultant. They’ll revamp your CV to align with the project management industry and actively explore job opportunities with our extensive network of partner and local companies. Your consultant will also offer thorough interview preparation to boost your confidence in the hiring process. Typically, our students secure employment within just four weeks, on average.

Money / Job

We’ve got you sorted. According to our job guarantee, we’ll secure a project management position for you within 6 months of finishing your Job Programme. If, by any chance, we can’t meet this commitment, we’ll promptly refund all your course fees within 10 working days – no hassle, no fuss.

Your Career Path

Project Coordinator

Average salary:
£50k per year

  • Collaborate in crafting detailed project plans for each essential workstream, ensuring comprehensive coverage for a successful project.
  • Effectively handle project documentation, plans, and reports.
  • Provide reports on project success and related outcomes.
  • Collaborate closely with broader stakeholders and colleagues.
  • Partner with the Project Manager to overcome obstacles.
  • Generate and maintain project documentation for multiple projects.
  • Coordinate and participate in stakeholder meetings.
  • Support post-project reviews, including lessons learned exercises highlighting both positive and negative outcomes for action.
  • Demonstrate strong planning skills and adept prioritization of work.

Project Support Officer

Average salary:
£43k per year

  • Cultivate and uphold relationships with Project Managers and internal stakeholders, encompassing governance, assurance, resourcing, and finance.
  • Oversee Contractor vacancies throughout the Portfolio, directing recruitment campaigns with assistance from the contingent workforce managed service provider.
  • Offer assistance in meetings requiring expertise, involving the organization and facilitation of program meetings, and the documentation of meeting action logs and decision logs.
  • Collaborate with leaders and Project Managers across programs to guarantee efficient communication within programs and between the program and the business.
  • Possess an in-depth comprehension of Programme Management services, including risk management, planning, reporting, and change control.

Gain Real-World Experience

This 3D animated experience will allow you to assume the role of a project manager as you carry out project related activities and exercises in a simulated project environment.

Companies our graduates work with

Why choose us?

We offer the most economical and all-encompassing solution in the UK, allowing you to not just undergo training for a new project management career but to actually commence one.

What do we provide

  • 2 Course Project Management Bundle
  • Official PRINCE2 & PFQ exams
  • Real-world PM Projects and simulated assignments
  • Expert CV review and recruitment support
  • Job Guarantee
  • 100% of your course fees back if you’re not placed into a role

Why choose project management?

  • Thriving and expanding sector
  • Commencing salary averaging £24K
  • Exceptional career prospects
  • A lifelong profession
  • Over 250,000 job openings in the UK
  • Salaries experiencing a 3.5% annual increase
  • The average income for project management professionals stands at £48K

What salary you can expect?

  • Project administrator – £22,000
  • Project coordinator – £24,000
  • Project support officer – £28,000
  • Junior Project Manager – £30,000
  • Project Manager – £55,000
  • Programme Manager- £72,500