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Digital Marketers are the hybrids of the business world. They are a unique mix of business savvy with creative flare. Their passion lies in understanding user behaviour and being able to communicate unique stories. When they’re not using acronyms such as SEO, PPC and ROI they can be found catching up on the news on social media using their phone, tablet and laptop (usually at the same time). Liaising with Developers and Designers from 9-5, this career allows you to have the security of a steady job with the freedom to be creative everyday.

What type of person do I need to be?

If you’ve ever avoided a career because you felt you weren't artistic enough or logical enough, you can rest assured that you won’t feel the same about digital marketing. This is because it’s an industry which requires talents of all types. No matter where your strengths lie, there will be something you can excel at. Whether you prefer writing amazing pieces of content or analysing data to generate insights, digital marketing is for everyone. The best news is that everything is learnable. You don’t have to rely on your predisposition to be an amazing Digital Marketer.

What Skills Do I Need To Have As A Digital Marketer?

A Digital Marketer has good writing skills, excellent listening skills and is a strategic thinker.

What Will I Be Doing As A Digital Marketer?

As a Digital Marketer, you will maintain and enhance brand awareness at every point of contact. Whether it be on social media, blogs or campaigns you will create pieces that communicate and resonate with the consumer. You will be reporting to Designers and management on work that communicates everything the organisation stands for. You will also consider all the data that is available to you through platforms such as Google Analytics in order to make informed decisions on future campaigns.

SENIOR SALARY: £45000,00 p/a

AVERAGE SALARY: £32000,00 p/a

ENTRY SALARY: £25000,00 p/a


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What are Digital Marketers Saying?

“I continue to grow in my career as a Digital Marketer.”

“There is a great financial advantage in being a Digital Marketer.”

“It is highly satisfying that I get to travel while I work.”

Why Do Organisations Need Digital Marketers?

Organisations need Digital Marketers to maintain a healthy brand image and enhance brand awareness in the online space. Organisations need people who truly understand their consumers. Digital Marketers help drive website traffic by using specific tools to reach the right audience which results in acquiring new leads/customers. With so much data at their fingertips they are able to create targeted and personalised brand narratives that truly ‘speak’ to the consumer.

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