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ITonlinelearning and FutureSmart

We have worked with FutureSmart to design bespoke course packages for artists looking to add new skills to their portfolio. With our recognised courses and certifications, you will have the best possible platform to launch a successful second career.

Through our partnership with FutureSmart we have created several solutions that will help you embark upon a new challenge in IT or Project Management. Many artists have sacrificed obtaining any formal qualifications outside of the arts due to the demands from their careers. However, with our courses and the support you will receive from our team of experts, you will gain the desired skills and certifications needed in IT and Project Management to make you stand out and secure your first role in your newly chosen career.

If you would like a solution tailored to your interests in IT and Project Management or are looking for specific courses, we can help build a package which works for you. Whilst ensuring you still benefit from the hands-on career services that we offer to artists through FutureSmart.

Each professional will receive the following training support services from ITonlinelearning;

  • Allocation of a Student Mentor to provide support with career guidance questions and also a qualified Tutor Support mentor to help and provide assistance with the course ware
  • Personalised study plan for each student
  • Ongoing pro-active support during study time
  • Practical support provided through our Live-Labs where applicable
  • Advise on revision and preparation for exams

Each professional will receive the following career advice services from ITonlinelearning;

  • CV review and re-write
  • Updated LinkedIn profile
  • Access to your first IT Support role for IT and Cyber students through our IT contracting partner
  • Access to our recruitment team to help you find your first role if our IT contract positions are not right for you

Qualify as an IT Support Technician


Becoming a Technical Support Advisor is the first step on the IT career ladder, opening the doors to more specialist and higher paying roles, including cyber security. Our package is designed to provide you with a strong foundation to help gain the competitive edge in the job market.

Additional Benefits;

  • All the benefits from our services listed above
  • Official CompTIA A+ exams
  • Official CompTIA Network+ exam
  • Access to your first role in IT through our IT contract partner

Qualify as a Project Manager


Project Managers need to have great problem-solving skills, time management and keep the teams motivated in order to meet deadlines. Our package is designed to provide you with the qualifications needed to embark upon an exciting career in project management.

Additional Benefits;

  • All the benefits from our services listed above
  • Official Microsoft Office exams
  • Official APM Project Fundamentals Qualification (PFQ)
  • Access to our recruitment team to help you find your first role

Qualify as a Cyber Security Engineer


With cyber-attacks happening all over the world, the need for Cyber Security professionals is at an all-time high and is rising. Our study package is the perfect step up the IT career ladder, with no less than 9 internationally recognised cyber security courses to build your knowledge.

Additional Benefits;

  • All the benefits from our services listed above
  • Official CompTIA A+ exams
  • Official CompTIA Security+ exam
  • Access to your first role in IT through our IT contract partner

What our customers are saying

“I’m now working at Fujitsu!”

“Thanks to the job opportunity that I was able to attend with ITonlinelearning’s recruitment partner, I was able to gain the necessary IT skills and knowledge that helped me secure a career with this amazing company.”

J. Akhilomen

IT Operating Systems and Networking Engineer at Fujitsu

J. Akhilomen - ITonlinelearning

Course only alternatives

If you are looking for course only options that do not include job assistance, then have a look at the below options. These full course library options include training from beginner to advanced level and offer you everything you need to build your knowledge and skills.

Full IT Course Library

The IT Course Library bundle is suited to IT professionals in all stages of their careers. Due to the diversity of the courses on offer, it can assist entry-level professionals who want to stand out by learning new skills as well as seasoned IT professionals who want to expand on their careers by furthering their knowledge.

View Course

IT Security Library

IT Security professionals remain in demand due to the increasing threats to the IT infrastructure of organisations. The courses that make up the IT Security bundle will give students in-depth understanding of IT security, whether they are new to the field or looking to further their knowledge as experienced professionals.

View Course

Project Management Library

This high-quality training package is aimed at both new and experienced Project Managers. Start your career by learning the foundation aspects of project management or enhance your career by gaining a higher-level certification. You can even branch out into Business Analysis and Change Management.

View Course

Full Programming Library

Our Computer Programming library consists of over 2,500 hours of online course content. Covering a range of programming and development languages including; C++, HTML, JavaScript, Python, Ruby on Rails and more. This library is great for all skill levels looking to update and increase their knowledge.

View Course

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