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Ever thought about making a career out of your passion and getting paid to do what others do in their leisure time? In the UK alone the video games market is now worth a whopping £5.11bn with video game sales at 25% higher than film (UK Interactive Entertainment UKIE). Not only is this one of the fastest growing sectors, but it has created new kinds of jobs that never existed before. Many people enjoy playing games however not many know how to make them. Coding your own game is easier than you think. With little to no experience of programming, this is a field which is easily entered into. This rock-star kind of job allows you to do things you can’t do in the real world. Experience the tremendous satisfaction of creating the next big gaming hit and start a career as a Game Developer!

What type of person do I need to be?

You are someone who first and foremost enjoys gaming. You will be a problem solver, have good communication skills and be efficient as this is a fast-paced industry. Most importantly you will be interested in understanding the gaming audiences requirements and age group by being on top of industry trends.

What will I be doing as a Game Developer?

Your daily duties my include coming up with original ideas, producing concept art or even working on existing concepts. You may use animation software to bring characters or objects to life, and you may be creating code to better an existing game. One of the most attractive aspects to game development is that no two days are the same. You may, however, be working on one project for a certain period of time, but you will be adding to different aspects of the project. .

What skills do I need to have as a Game Developer?

Depending on which area you decide to focus on this will determine your skills set. The three main areas of focus include.. animation, design and programming. A great Game Developer, however, possesses a varied skill set. They are often skilled in computer programming and writing software. They will also be skilled in some areas of computer animation and have a thorough knowledge of the different gaming consoles ie Playstation, Xbox etc. As a Game Developer you will also be someone who has creative flair and technical skill which is complemented by great time management skills.

SENIOR SALARY: £70000.00+ p/a

AVERAGE SALARY: £40000.00 p/a

STARTER SALARY: £25000.00 p/a


What are Game Developers saying?
Game Developer at desk

“I create concept art for a gaming company and work with developers to bring my illustrations to life!”

Game Developer Career

“I got into the programming side of Game Development after I had been a programmer in other fields which was a welcome upgrade. “

Game Developer

“I believe that I have the best job in the world as I get to create and play my own games!”

How Do I start a Career in The Game Industry?

Many Game Developers choose to do a short course to bring them up to speed with the technical skills required for this career. They may choose to do this via a short online course. By constantly updating your skill set not only will you be more attractive to prospective employers but you will be able to develop the most relevant and successful games.

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