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IT Support Technician

An IT Support Technician is someone that offers solutions to computer related problems. This is usually done over the phone or through web applications. The IT Support Technician usually works for larger organisations where there is a need for user IT support, which often entails additional benefits to the job role. The IT Support Technician rarely has to go into the field and provide hands-on technical support but rather offer guidance remotely. The role of an IT Support Technician is seen as a gateway or entry-level job for the rest of the IT career path. Taking a position as an IT Support Technician is a great way to get experience and enter into a long prosperous career in IT.

What type of person do I need to be?

An IT Support Technician is first and foremost a great communicator. They love the world of IT and enjoy finding solutions to IT related problems.

What Skills Do I Need As An IT Support Technician

As an IT Support Technician, you will be part of a group of people who are passionate about solving problems based on computer systems. You will serve as technical support for a company. Picture yourself communicating with computer users, finding problems as well as fixing them. You may be doing this face-to-face or even online. If you choose a career in IT, you won’t be bound by the four walls around you.

What Will I Be Doing As An IT Support Technician?

In order to be a professional IT Support Technician you will need customer service skills as well as the ability to explain tech-related issues to non-technical users. You will have good problem-solving skills and the ability to prioritise and manage tasks. Most IT Technicians gain skills from internationally recognised certifications. A big drawcard for those who choose to study IT-related topics is that you have time to figure out what career you would like, as you study. By starting with short online courses you can change the course of your career with each new course that you completed. You won’t be stuck in the same job forever.

£100000,00+ p/a

AVERAGE SALARY: £31000,00 p/a

ENTRY SALARY: £20000,00+ p/a


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What are IT Support Technicians Saying?

“I enjoy helping other people find solutions to their problems.”

“I feel like my role is very essential to companies.”

“I am always growing in my field as an IT Support Technician.”

How do I start a career as an IT Support Technician?

Many IT Technicians choose to do a short course to bring them up to speed with the technical skills required for this career. They may choose to do this via CompTIA, Cisco or a Windows Certification. It would then be good to gain experience to become more attractive to prospective employers.

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