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There is often someone practical who everybody turns to for help with their computers, phones and other devices. If this sounds like you, then an IT Technician career could be for you. IT Technicians are usually hired in-house by companies to look after the computers and communications used by staff within the company. They may also be hired by an organisation that provides IT support services. The role of an IT Technician could range from a hands-on approach where they would have access to the hardware and software in order to set up, maintain and fix. However, IT Technicians could also be stationed remotely and provide support over a phone or messaging service. These types of IT Technicians are called Support Technicians. ITonlinelearning is one of the leading UK companies when it comes to placing applicants in their first IT Technician role through our Training and Job Placement Program.

What skills do I need to have as an IT Technician?

In order to be a professional IT Technician you will need customer service skills as well as the ability to explain tech-related issues to non-technical users. You will have good problem-solving skills and the ability to prioritise and manage tasks. Most IT Technicians gain skills from internationally recognised certifications. A big drawcard for those who choose to study IT-related topics is that you have time to figure out what career you would like, as you study. By starting with short online courses you can change the course of your career with each new course that you completed. You won’t be stuck in the same job forever.

What type of person do I need to be?

An IT Technician is someone who is curious, good at communicating, enjoys new challenges and pretty much loves to save the day. If you’ve ever felt like you’re not tech savvy enough, or that IT is only for the elite, you can think again. One of the most important facets to this career is that it is filled with people who want to learn. If you’re someone with a thirst for knowledge then this is a career worth considering.

What will I be doing as an IT Technician?

As an IT Technician, you will be part of a group of people who are passionate about solving problems based around computer systems. You will serve as technical support for a company. Picture yourself communicating with computer users, finding problems as well as fixing them. You may be doing this face-to-face or even online. If you choose a career in IT, you won’t be bound by the four walls around you.

SENIOR SALARY: £120000,00+ p/a

AVERAGE SALARY: £31000,00 p/a

ENTRY SALARY: £20000,00 p/a


Why do organisations need an IT Technician?

Organisations need IT Technicians to help them make and save money. Certain industries require that there IT systems be working 24/7 all year round or else they will lose business. Also, some IT problems will always need a human touch for solutions no matter how automated computers become. Therefore organisations will always need IT Technicians and it’s a career where you will always be needed.

What are the IT Technicians saying?

“I have always loved tinkering with the hardware and software in a PC.. being an IT Technician just allows me to get paid for it”

Female Technician

“Each day I help the office workers with their IT systems.. and they are always really grateful for it.”

IT Manager

“I have worked my way up to IT Manager after starting as part of a Tech Support team… It has been really prosperous for me.”

How do I start a career as an IT Technician?

Many IT Technicians choose to do a short course to bring them up to speed with the technical skills required for this career. They may choose to do this via CompTIA, Cisco or a Windows Certification. It would then be good to gain experience to become more attractive to prospective employers.

IT Placement Programme

In order to land a professional job in IT, you will need the following:

  1. Industry relevant certifications to your name
  2. IT work experience
  3. IT-specific CV
If you lack one or more of these 3 requirements, check out our IT Placement Program. This programme has no requirements and is perfect for those who have a passion for IT. In order to be placed in a professional role, however, we require you to complete specific courses from industry giants such as CompTIA, Cisco and Microsoft.

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