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Benefits Designed to Maximise Your Learning

Overview of Your Included Benefits

  • Career and job opportunity*
  • Interest free spread payments
  • Success and Support Manager
  • Professional CV review
  • Engaging tutor-led courses
  • Quizzes and games to help you learn
  • Interview advice and career success



You study through us supported by our certified IT Tutors and Mentors, who you can contact any time UK office hours via telephone.



Once you have completed your studies (a minimum of 2 courses), you take an Internal Exam which is included in your training package.



Then, if you choose the job opportunity in our Partner Client, you travel to their head office and spend a week there doing practical training.

A More Detailed Look At Your Benefits

ITonlinelearning's mission is to help you get your first job in IT

The hard part about an IT Career, is starting your career and getting your first job as an IT Professional.

We have the answer

ITonlinelearning has created a New to IT study package that helps each of our students get their first job in IT as well as learn the skills you need for a professional IT environment.

Our employing partner

For over 3 years now, our Partner Company has been employing our students in contract and permanent opportunities across the UK. Our Partner Company takes on over 500 new entry level IT Professionals each year. They are a large IT Services Company that have contracts with some of the biggest UK companies and Public Sector organisations across the UK.

Starting salaries

Our students mostly work in IT Technician, IT Support and Field Engineer roles. Starting salaries vary from £18 to 22000 per year depending where the opportunity is located. Students are paid weekly pro-rata.

Your working possibilities

96% of our students last year who attended the practical training and assessment week at our client's head office, were offered contracts or permanent opportunities.

Complete Your Online Courses (Step 1)

You study through us supported by our certified IT Tutors and Mentors, who you can contact any time UK office hours via telephone.

Practice/Live Labs

You also get practical experience on real live equipment in a controlled environment. So you can get practical experience on different operating systems, routers, switches and Servers.

Internal Exam (Step 2)

Once you have completed your studies (a minimum of 2 courses), you take an Internal Exam which is included in your training package.

Job Opportunity (Step 3)

Then, if you choose to be put forward to the job opportunity in our Partner Client and have passed the Internal Exam, you travel to their head office and spend a week there doing further practical training.

They also assess you to make sure you will provide a good service to their clients.

Well Prepared

We prepare you well each step of the way and that is why 96% of our students who attended our partner client's practical training and assessment week ,got offered job opportunities last year.

CV Review and Recruitment Services (Extra)

If you want to look at other IT opportunities, our Recruitment Advisors will help create a killer CV for you. We want your CV to stand out, be job board search friendly and show you are passionate about IT.

We also help you with interview preparation and advice to strengthen your chances each step of the way.

Your own IT Tutor

You benefit from having an IT Tutor who is available to chat to you over the phone if you are struggling to understand any part of the course. Maybe you have a technical question or need help with a live lab area where you get practical experience.

Your own Student Mentor

You also have a student mentor who is on hand to support you and motivate you. You can speak to your IT Tutor or Mentor any time UK office hours.

Your own Recruitment Advisor

Also part of the Student Care Team are our Recruitment Advisors that will help you with your CV review, career advice and interview preparation. These services are all included in this training package.

CV Review

A CV review is often overlooked by job seekers. We want your CV to standout! A good CV is the key to securing interviews. We understand very well how IT recruitment works, why your CV needs to be IT specific, have the right keywords in it and be job board search friendly.

Tailored Training Package

We have worked closely with our Partner Company and other Employers across the UK to put together a training package to give you the skills employers need you to have so you can 'hit the ground running' in a professional IT environment.

Your Access

You get one years access to 7 courses which are the latest internationally recognised CompTIA, Microsoft and Cisco courses.

CompTIA Courses

CompTIA IT courses are internationally recognised and teach you to work with hardware, multiple device platforms and will enable you to build a solid understanding of networking.

Microsoft Courses

The Microsoft Windows courses will keep your skills current as far as the installation, maintenance and configuration of operating systems is concerned and show you how to set up and configure multiple workstations within a corporate environment.

Cisco CCENT Course

Cisco CCENT course will give you a fundamental understanding of networking. Combined these course will create a solid foundation of knowledge from which a new IT career can be built.

Study at your own pace

Although you get access to the courses for 1 year, you can study at your own pace anywhere you have an internet connection. Remember, you only have to study 2 courses to be put forward to our job opportunity.

Your Student Mentor can advise you on the best study path suitable for your career needs and knowledge level.

Free Internal Exam

Our internal online exam is also included free, however if you want to take any of the official CompTIA, Cisco or Microsoft exams, then we can include these exams for you in your package at extra cost.

Many of our students pass our free internal exam, start working in our partner client and then take official exams at a later stage if their career requires that. It is up to you!

Included in your courses are quizzes and games to test your knowledge and make studying more engaging.

Your training package includes everything you need to help you get your first job in IT.

You also have access to Live Labs to help you practice on real live IT Equipment.

A Live-Lab is an ideal way to gain the practical experience you need on today’s technology without the need to go invest in expensive equipment that will eventually just take up space in your house. Having access to a vast number of different technologies at your fingertips from anywhere is convenient and cost effective. Mistakes are easily recovered, no long re-build times, no noise or big energy bills. You even have the ability to authorise another user to connect to your lab to share ideas or be trained!

What is a Live Lab?

A Live-Lab or Practice Lab is real computer equipment networked together and conveniently accessible over the internet. A typical live-lab may have equipment such as a computer, server, switch or router in it that a user is free to configure as they wish.

Why do I need Live Labs?

Gaining hands-on experience is essential in today’s IT industry for both certifications and keeping up to date with new technologies. Theory is often not enough these days, companies and certifications require hands on practical experience. Furthermore, putting practical experience on your CV significantly improves your chances of earning a higher income with current or future employers.

Get a Better Feel with a Choice of Demos

Demos from CompTIA A+, MCSA Windows 10 and Cisco CCNA

* We work with a recruitment partner who places up to 50 of our students on new contracts each month. With their help we put have put together a training package which will enable you to work as an IT Technician / IT Helpdesk / IT Field Engineer at the same time as meeting our recruitment partners own clients needs. Initial contracts are usually between 6 to 9 months in some of the largest UK based companies and public sector organisations. Successfully placed students are paid weekly (typically £18K – 22K per anum pro rata). In some instances students will be offered full time employed roles and additional benefits such as paid overtime and travelling expenses.

** Students who have studied at least CompTIA A+ and CompTIA Network+, will be given an option to be submitted to our recruitment partner for a formal assessment to establish suitability to work on one of their contracts. Our recruitment partners practical training and professional assessment will be at our partner client’s head office. In order to be eligible, students must have first achieved a pass mark of at least 70% on our internal assessment exam. At present, 96% of our students who have attended the assessment were then offered a contract or permanent position. This high success rate is purely down to the training and support you receive through us which means our relationship with our recruitment partner is very strong due to the quality of candidates we submit.

Monthly Instalments

Product:New IT Technician
Finance Product:12 Months Interest Free (0%)
Monthly Payments:£59.62

Once you have completed your deposit payment our Course and Career Advisors will be in touch to complete the remaining process.


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