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In the world of project management, PRINCE2 is known as the comparative standard for project management methods. But for those that are just starting their careers or are looking to gain a project management certification, there may be many questions about everything PRINCE2. We will endeavour to answer those questions below:

1. What is PRINCE2?

PRINCE2 (Projects IN Controlled Environments) is a project methodology using the input from thousands of projects and Project Managers and their teams.

The method can be applied to any project, regardless of it’s size, industry or project type and can be tailored to the specific needs of each project undertaken. PRINCE2 uses 7 Themes, 7 Principles and 7 Processes to ensure the project remains truly PRINCE2, ensuring best practices are implemented.

2. What is the history of PRINCE2?

PRINCE2 was first developed in 1989 (then called PROMPT) by the CCTA (Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency) in order to manage IT projects. Later the method was enriched and altered to a generic project management model to be used by the UK government in their projects and the method became known as PRINCE.

The 2nd version, which is the method as we know it today, was unveiled in 1996 and the name was changed to PRINCE2, flowing over into the private sector. In 2009 PRINCE2 underwent a revamp involving the input of about 150 organisations that had used the method.

The ownership rights to PRINCE2 were transferred from the HM Cabinet Office to AXELOS in 2013

3. Where can I undertake PRINCE2 training?

Only APMG International-authorised training providers such as ITonlinelearning may deliver PRINCE2 training.

4. Is PRINCE2 training suited to someone that is just starting out in project management?

It is. The PRINCE2 courses are suited to anyone interested in project management, whether they have experience or are just starting out.

5. What if I already have a different project management certification?

PRINCE2 is adaptable and can be used in conjunction with any other project management method.

6. Can I sit the PRINCE2 exams immediately, or do I have to undergo training first?

The PRINCE2 Foundation exam has no academic prerequisites to sit the exam, however, the PRINCE2 Practitioner exam requires you to first gain the PRINCE2 Foundation certification before you may attempt the exam.

7. Why should I choose to study PRINCE2?

PRINCE2 certified Project Managers are high in demand, seeing that PRINCE2 is the most popular and most trusted project management method in the project management industry. Companies that utilise PRINCE2 can exponentially improve upon their operational progress across the board. Many employers list PRINCE2 as a CV prerequisite to considering applicants for a position in project management.

8. In which countries is PRINCE2 recognised?

PRINCE2 is internationally recognised and is currently utilised in over 50 countries worldwide.

9. What will the PRINCE2 Foundation course teach me?

The PRINCE2 Foundation course teaches the common terminology of PRINCE2, how to utilise the 7 Themes, 7 Principles and 7 Processes and builds a solid foundation of knowledge from which you will be able to undertake the Practitioner course.

10. What will the PRINCE2 Practitioner course teach me?

The PRINCE2 Practitioner course will teach you how to start up and direct a project, how to manage risk and quality, to manage project change and how to close a project. Upon completion of this course, you will be able to take on projects in a practical environment.

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11. Will I need to re-register my certification?

Only if you wish to retain your status as a Registered Practitioner. Re-registration can be done every 3-5 years after their original certification date.

12. Is there a licensing fee applicable to use PRINCE2?

No, you will not have to pay any licensing fees to use PRINCE2 in your organisation.

13. Which companies use PRINCE2?

Some of the companies that have gained PRINCE2 certifications through ITonlinelearning are:

  • The University of Manchester
  • The University of Chichester
  • The University of Plymouth
  • The University of Bradford
  • Estée Lauder
  • Genesis Housing Group
  • Totepool
  • Genix Healthcare
  • The Guardian
  • Central Bedfordshire Council

14. What if I have a question about my course?

We have a dedicated team of expert course advisors that can answer any queries that you may have during your studies.

15. How can I contact an advisor?

Our advisors can be reached via E-mail, telephone or via the live chat function on the ITonlinelearning website.

16. How long will I have access to the courses for?

You will have unlimited access to the PRINCE2 courses for 3 months.

17. How can I further prepare for the exams?

There is 300 practice exams included in the PRINCE2 Foundation course and The PRINCE2 Practitioner course includes extensive case studies to help you prepare for your exams with confidence.

18. How do I know whether I am ready to sit the exam?

When you consistently score 80% or higher on the practice exams, you are considered ready to undertake the PRINCE2 exams.

19. Is the cost of the exams included in the course price?

The price for the exams is not included in your course price, enabling you to pay for your course first and then pay for your exam when you feel that you are ready to take the exam.

20. What if I can’t afford to pay for the course immediately?

We offer a spread payment option, making it possible for you to pay for your course on a monthly basis.

21. If I opt to pay for my courses via spread payments, how much interest will I have to pay?

Our spread payment plans are interest free in order to keep your training affordable.

22. Where can I sit the PRINCE2 exams?

There are two options to take the PRINCE2 exams:

Online: Using a computer or laptop with a working webcam, microphone and stable, reliable internet connection, you can take the PRINCE2 exams from anywhere and at any time. Make sure to book your exam at least 3-5 working days prior to the date that you would like to sit the exam.

At an exam centre: Your PRINCE2 exam can also be taken at an APMG exam centre. These are located in London, Milton Keynes, York, Birmingham and Chester in the UK. Exam sessions are held on Fridays only at 10:00, 12:00 and 14:00. Make sure to book your exam at least 3 weeks prior to the date that you would like to sit the exam.

23. When will I receive my PRINCE2 certificate?

As soon as you have finished writing your PRINCE2 exam, you will be given a provisional result. Before your certificate is issued to you, however, APMG will verify your results. Thereafter, within 10 to 14 working days, you will receive your APMG certificate.

24. Can my exam be postponed?

Yes, you can. You may postpone your exam once without incurring any additional charges as long as the postponement is at least 10 days before the date of the exam. If you need to postpone outside of this notice period, or need to postpone a second time, an administrative fee will be payable.

25. What are the structures that the PRINCE2 exams are set in?

The PRINCE2 exams are set in the following structures:

PRINCE2 Foundation exam: 75 questions set in a multiple choice format. The exam will last for 1 hour (60 minutes) and you will need to score a minimum of 35 marks (50%) to pass the exam.

PRINCE2 Practitioner exam: 8 – 10 questions in an objective testing format. The exam will last for 2.5 hours (150 minutes) and you will need to score a minimum of 44 marks (55%) to pass the exam.

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