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ITonlinelearning’s aim is to help 500 students each year strengthen their skills, get certified and find work in the project management field. We have capped the number at 500 to ensure a high level of service and to ensure we get results for you.

In my previous 2 blogs, ‘Think you have Project Manager skills?’ and ‘How do I start my Project Manager career?’, we have looked at the traits suited for a project environment and we have looked at setting S.M.A.R.T goals to put you on the path to achieving your project manager career.

Let’s now look at the project manager training package from ITonlinelearning that is aimed at helping you in several ways to achieve you career goal. The project manager training package is not just a study package, it helps you start your career. It helps you get a job in project management.

ITonlinelearning has a strong student care, tutor support and career support team to help you progress through your studies plus get you started on the career front. You will also benefit from:

  1. A professional CV review that is specific to project management and will help you stand out against other jobseekers. The CV is also keyworded and job board search friendly to help recruiters find you easily
  2. A career advisor to help you understand the project management job sector and how to best apply for jobs. You are also provided with interview advice and they will help you prepare for each interview you go on.

ITonlinelearning’s aim is to strengthen you, to make you desirable in the project management job space, by successfully completing this training package you will achieve the following:

  • ✔ Gain 3 official UK accredited project manager certifications on your CV
  • ✔ Also learn about change management or business analysis (you can choose which)
  • ✔ You will learn the 2 most in-demand project methodologies (PRINCE2 and AgilePM)

With this package you will learn the skills needed to work in project roles like project support, junior project manager and coordinator roles. You can also build on this study package and add the more advanced practitioner exams and courses.

The official certifications in the package are accredited by the following exam institutes: Peoplecert, APMG and BCS. Everything you learn is applicable to the UK and European job markets in addition to other countries like Australia, New Zealand and South Africa allowing you to take your skills around the globe.

5* student support from tutors and mentors:

While studying, you will be supported by ITonlinelearning’s student care team, tutors and career advisors. You can check out ITonlinelearning reviews on Trustpilot which typical varies from 9.2 – 9.4 out of 10 for 500+ reviews.

Preparing you for your first project manager related job

Your first role in project management could be working as part of a large team working as a Project Support Officer, Project Administrator or Junior Project Manager. Salaries vary from £19K to £34K typically for these roles in the UK.

To make it easy to get one of these roles you want to be able to demonstrate that you understand project management, are a good written and verbal communicator and that you are keen to become a project management professional.

Then to stand out from other jobseekers you need certifications that validate your knowledge about PRINCE2 and AgilePM methodologies.

Your CV is your advert that will help secure interviews and we then help you prepare well for interviews to ensure you come across as professional, prepared and understanding of the recruiting company’s requirements and culture.

It is often a requirement for project staff to be PRINCE2 or AgilePM certified. Plus having these certifications on your CV sends a very positive message to prospective employers that you are serious about your project manager career and you have made the commitment to invest in your career.

By working with your support team, you will be ready to enter the project work environment as you will be armed with knowledge validated by certifications, career skills and boosted confidence.

Why PRINCE2 and AgilePM?

With well over 1 million professionals having taken their PRINCE2 exams, PRINCE2 is the most widely used project management methodology in the world. AgilePM is the fastest growing.

A lot of companies now adopt a hybrid of PRINCE2 and AgilePM. So having both on your CV ticks two big boxes in making your CV stand out.

Not just project management!

Valuable transferable skills are learned from this training package that can help you gain roles outside of project management, but roles which use project management skills. These roles could include senior administration, account management, coordinator roles, event planning and manager roles.

How do I get the ball rolling?

Reach out to the Course and Career advisors at ITonlinelearning, they can answer any questions you have plus discuss affordable payment plans. We are not going to promise that studying is easy and we know your career journey might not always be smooth sailing, but we would like to help and support you so you can achieve your 2 year and 5 year career goals.

Peace of mind with a money back guarantee

At the time of writing, ITonlinelearnins is offering a money back guarantee if you have not found employment after completing your 3 certifications! Please speak to a Course and Career Advisor for further information.

Start your Project Management Career today!

ITonlinelearning will cater for all your Project Management training needs by providing high-quality courseware and 5-star support!

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