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Web Designers experience the world in a visual way. They bring ideas to life with a mature knowledge of the industry and their knowledge of the user experience. However their work is not limited to making websites look nice, but also managing everything that is essential for a successful business. Their work can merge into marketing, communication and even project management. Web Designers often have an entrepreneurial spirit and dream of taking the ‘freelance plunge’. Experienced Designers might look for hourly rates as high as £50 - £75 per hour. These Designers are the epic Googlers, the speed typists and the ones who use web languages to inspire others.

What type of person do I need to be?

As this is an industry which is always changing with new trends emerging by the day, you will be someone who always has their finger on the pulse.

What Skills Do I Need To Have As A Web Developer?

A great Web Designer is skilled in web languages such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Also, Graphic design applications such as Photoshop, illustrator and InDesign. And finally, SEO and UX.

What Will I Be Doing As A Web Developer?

As a Web Designer, you will design everything the end user sees and uses to create the overall look and feel of a website. The future for Web Designers is bright. Once you can master the art of web design, you can move into web development where you will have the potential to become a hybrid Designer. You will then be known in the industry as a ‘unicorn’ (yes, you heard right).

SENIOR SALARY: £62000.00 p/a

AVERAGE SALARY: £38000.00 p/a

ENTRY SALARY: £25000.00 p/a


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What are Web Developers Saying?

“I am able to release my creativity when I do Web Design.”

“Web Development is an in-demand industry, and I always have work.”

“I am able to pay my bills, and I am always learning something new.”

Why Do Organisations Need Web Developers?

Organisations need websites and people to manage them. As organisations are changing and design trends are shifting, they need Web Designers to keep their website relevant and functional. Organisations see Web Designers and their work as an investment in their company’s longevity.

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