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Who is the CMI? What is the CMI?


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Who is the CMI?

The Chartered Management Institute (CMI) works with accredited training organisations like ITonlinelearning to help learners become confident leaders and successful managers.

The CMI was established in 1947 shortly after the Second World War. Its primary focus was to help rebuild industry after the devastation of the war. Many regard CMI as the best institute to gain management qualifications.

CMI’s Royal Charter

In 2002, CMI was designated as the standard-bearer for the profession of management in the UK, meaning it is the only organisation offering management and leadership qualifications that can award chartered status.

Back in 1947, the goal of the CMI was to raise the quality and standard of management in the workplace and that goal is the same and just as relevant today.

Courses tailored for all levels of Managers or aspiring Managers

CMI developed the first management and leadership diploma and now offers a range of qualifications to suit team leaders, junior managers, middle managers, senior managers, directors, and executives.

Over the decades CMI has remained at the forefront of leadership and management and their qualifications are developed by subject matter experts to meet the demands of an ever-changing and evolving environment. They ensure learners gain the skills, knowledge, and confidence to grow and strengthen their management career.

CMI is not only an esteemed education institution that is internationally recognised, but a thought leader and a career partner for life.

Which qualifications suit your current level and future career aspirations best?

ITonlinelearning offers CMI qualifications from Level 2 right through to Level 7. Our course advisors can help you tailor your selection of modules to suit your current job role and career aspirations as we offer a wide selection of CMI modules.

We offer a truly tailorable solution to meet everyone’s needs. In each of the levels below, we offer diplomas, certificates, and individual awards:

CMI Level 2 & CMI Level 3

If you are a first-time manager or team leader, then CMI Level 2 or CMI Level 3 offers you the skills and knowledge to be a highly effective team leader or junior manager. This is also the ideal starting point for aspiring managers. Below is a selection of some of the modules ITonlinelearning offers that you can choose from:

  • Being a team leader
  • Monitoring team performance
  • Communicating with a team
  • Principles of Management and Leadership
  • Managing budgets and resources
  • Managing data and information
  • Responding to conflict
  • Managing a team to achieve results

CMI Level 4 & CMI Level 5

If you are a mid-level manager, you will find either the CMI Level 4 or CMI Level 5 ideal to develop your core management skills. Below is a selection of some of the modules ITonlinelearning offers:

  • Workforce planning
  • Managing performance
  • Managing change
  • Managing recruitment
  • Managing conflict
  • Forming successful teams
  • Managing finance
  • Planning, procuring, and managing resources

CMI Level 6 & CMI Level 7

CMI Level 6 and CMI Level 7 are developed for senior managers and are more focused on strategy and driving effective performance across a department, division, or an organisation. Below is a selection of some of the modules ITonlinelearning offers:

  • Developing and leading strategy
  • Leading quality management
  • Coaching skills for leaders
  • Marketing strategy
  • Entrepreneurial practice
  • Finance for Strategic leaders
  • Leading strategic change
  • Leading and developing people to optimise performance

Award, Certificate or Diploma?

We find most of our students opt to study for a full diploma through us to gain the maximum benefit from their studies as opposed to studying for the certificate or award:

  • An award is the shortest qualification which typically takes between one and three months to study
  • A certificate provides a broader base of knowledge and skills and typically takes between three to six months to complete
  • A diploma provides a comprehensive and tailored programme of learning that typically takes between six and twelve months to complete

Join the CMI community and benefit

Aside from adding a qualification to your CV that adds gravitas and is internationally recognised, you can benefit from CMI membership that supports you throughout your career. In addition to building a network of peers and benefiting from the support and guidance the CMI community provides, you also benefit from:

  • A mentoring scheme to connect with experienced managers and leaders
  • Exclusive online CPD events
  • Regional networks to get involved in your local area
  • Thought leadership and a voice to help shape the future of leadership and management

Become a Chartered Manager

Chartered status recognises your management and leadership skills and is offered at foundation-chartered level for new managers and the higher-level chartered status for more experienced managers. Chartered status rewards managers that show commitment to continued professional development (CPD) in addition to demonstrating strong management and leadership skills.

Starting a journey with CMI goes way beyond your studies and provides you with the structure, support, and guidance to enjoy a rewarding profession in management and leadership.

Study with us and gain access to a host of benefits

5 Star Support Team

Flexible Finance

Access to recruitment Specialists

World Recognised qualifications

Fully flexible study options

Unlimited resources

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