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8 Reasons to use PRINCE2


Many people fail to understand the importance of using a project management methodology when working in the field of project management. There are those that argue that it is a waste of time and money to gain a certification in a specific methodology but there are also those that understand the need for qualifications, but wonder why they should choose to use the PRINCE2 method.

Even though it is a known fact that common sense will undoubtedly help anyone in the field of project management, this alone is not enough and the advantages to be gained by studying and learning to implement a methodology like PRINCE2 are many.

PRINCE2 Method is Internationally Recognised

PRINCE2 is internationally recognised and remains the leading project management methodology in the UK. 50 countries worldwide use PRINCE2 and its popularity is growing every day.

Both the private and public sectors make use of the PRINCE2 method and provides a common language between everyone involved in the project. This includes all team members, the Customer and the Supplier.

PRINCE2 Best Practices

Many organisations and experienced project professionals have contributed to the development and creations of the PRINCE2 method. Since businesses from both the private and public sectors aided in its development, it caters for all types of projects.

Based on the experience gained from a multitude of experts in the field and thousands of projects, PRINCE2 embraces proven best practices. Since the PRINCE2 method is based on real-life know-how, it guides any project towards a successful ending.

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Generic Method

There is a common misconception that PRINCE2 is an IT-specific project management method, however, it provides a generic project management platform from which any project can be managed successfully, no matter what the industry, size, culture or location is.

When using the PRINCE2 method, specialist activities are separated from management activities, which is what makes it a generic method that can be used on any type of project. Another important aspect is that the method can easily be tailored to meet the needs of each unique project.

Benefit Focus

When using PRINCE2, the Business Case will show the benefits that the product should contain as required by the Customer. The Business Case will outline the criteria for the product and are established at the onset of the project.

Throughout the project, the Business Case is referred to, with focus remaining on the project’s product and the benefits that will be had by the Customer. If it is found that the planned benefits are no longer justifiable, the project will be brought to a premature close and any resources that are unused will be salvaged.

Defined Roles and Responsibilities

PRINCE2 ensures that each role is clearly defined and assigned to the applicable team member. With each role comes with its own, clearly defined responsibilities, ensuring that each individual knows what they are meant to do, how to do it and by when it needs to be done.

There is much less of a chance that confusion or misunderstandings may arise when each member of the project team knows what is required of them and of each individual involved in the project. Each team member is accountable for the appropriate components of the PRINCE2 project and this saves time and effort that can be spent on completing the project’s product.

Manage by Exception

This is a Principle of PRINCE2 which ensures that decisions are made by the people that should be making them. Not every minor decision needs to be escalated to the Project Board for approval and each team will have a specified degree of decision-making authority.

In order for the Project Board’s time to be used sparingly, they are only involved when their authorisation is required. Since team members don’t have to wait for authorisation from the levels above on every small decision, managing by exception saves time on the project as a whole.


The PRINCE2 stakeholders are any organisation or individual that is affected, or has an affected by the project. This includes the User, the Supplier and the Customers, among others.

The PRINCE2 method allows for all project stakeholders to be properly represented in the planning and decision-making facets of the project. Managing the expectations of the Customer is simplified by including them in the project in order to satisfy their needs and to ensure that their prerequisites are being managed effectively and efficiently.

Accredited PRINCE2 Training

PRINCE2 training from accredited training providers will ensure that each team member is correctly trained in the PRINCE2 method and the practical application of the method within PRINCE2 projects. If your company is looking to adopt the PRINCE2 method, bulk corporate training is a valuable investment that often comes at a discounted rate.

When your entire team is trained in the leading project management method, there are many advantages that will ensure that your team functions productively. Any project team equipped with the PRINCE2 method will stand a higher chance at concluding successful projects.

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