CMI Level 4 in Management and Leadership

  • Harness your potential as an aspiring or practising Junior Manager
  • Be counted amongst certified Chartered Management Institute (CMI) management & leadership professionals
  • Strengthen your management skills and establish yourself as a dynamic, highly-regarded leader
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What is CMI Level 4, really?

Since 1947, the Chartered Management Institute has empowered management and leadership professionals. The CMI upholds the highest standards of the profession and offers Chartered Manager Status through their Royal Charter, bringing together a global community of passionate & dedicated managers.

Established in the aftermath of the Second World War, their mission was to help rebuild the UK by raising the quality and standard of management. CMI developed the first diploma in management, and they are still dedicated to improving management practice today. The CMI Level 4 in Management and Leadership is the ideal choice for professionals looking to take the next step in their careers.

With this qualification level, you’ll build on your existing knowledge and skills to become a more effective and confident leader. The CMI Level 4 is specifically designed to help you develop a comprehensive understanding of management principles and techniques, as well as practical skills that you can apply in your organisation.

There are currently 42,964 Junior Manager jobs in the UK.
Source: Adzuna

Select Your Qualification Level

  • CMI Level 4 Award in Management and Leadership

    The CMI Level 4 Award enhances your professional management abilities, including decision-making, team management, and delegation.

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  • CMI Level 4 Certificate in Management and Leadership

    The CMI Level 4 Certificate in Management and Leadership qualification has been designed to help increase the professional management skills of aspiring managers and practising junior managers.

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  • CMI Level 4 Diploma in Management and Leadership

    The CMI Level 4 Diploma in Management and Leadership qualification provides you with all the key skills and competencies you need to become a successful manager.

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