Coding Career Programme

Fast-Track to a Coding Career

  • Coders make up to £50k per year
  • Completion time: 6 – 9 months
  • Qualified Tutors with practical coding experience
  • Interactive live coding & AI-assisted online learning
  • Take-home projects to build a stand-out portfolio
  • Perfect for beginners to coding
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    Interactive Learning Experience

    Experience the power of hands-on learning with our online interactive platform. Instead of passively watching or reading about coding, you’ll actively write your own code in real-time.

    Embrace the journey as AI-driven recommendations guide you, ensuring you stay on track and providing insights on areas that may need further review.

    Get ready to immerse yourself in the world of coding and elevate your skills like never before.

    How You Qualify

    Your learning journey will last about 6 to 12 months on this career programme.

    Once you have finalised your registration, you will:

    • Receive your Terms of Learning document and login details
    • Meet your qualified Tutor and Study Coach
    • Access your online learning portal
    • Explore the resources you have available to you
    • Gain 1 year access to TOTUM Pro Membership

    Your course is available to you any time, any where with 24/7 access.

    If you are unsure or need more clarity on a section within your course, you can reach out to your Tutor, access our exclusive coding webinars, and receive additional notes and feedback from your Tutor.

    Your Career Support Services

    After completing your courses, you’ll gain access to your Recruitment Advisor who will help you get job-ready.

    Once you have finalised your registration, you will:

    • Providing you with a new CV and LinkedIn profile
    • Assisting you with job applications
    • Preparing you for interviews and doing mock interviews with you
    • Supporting you with any job-related assessments.

    How You Will Be Supported

    • Personal Career Advisor
    • One-to-One Tutor Support
    • Personalised feedback on your code
    • Dedicated Support Team
    • 24/7 Course Access
    • Flexible and Interest-Free Payments
    • Exclusive Tutorials
    • Course-Specific Webinars
    • Specialist Recruitment Advisor

    Take-home Projects

    Our coding course offers hands-on projects, enhancing your problem-solving skills and building an impressive portfolio for potential employers. You’ll also develop teamwork, creativity, and innovation, setting you up for a successful coding career. Don’t miss this opportunity to excel in coding!

    Portfolio Website

    Unleash your creativity and showcase your newfound web development prowess with our HTML and CSS course’s thrilling first challenge – creating your own stunning portfolio website! We believe in empowering our students to wield the skills they’ve honed throughout the course and channel their unique flair into crafting a digital masterpiece. As you design and code your personalised showcase, you’ll witness your abilities flourish, and your potential as a professional web designer skyrocket. This showcase-worthy portfolio won’t just be a testament to your growth; it’ll be your ticket to success, opening doors to exciting career opportunities.

    React Website Project

    Dive into the dynamic world of web design with our React project. In this hands-on experience, you’ll harness the full power of JavaScript to breathe life into captivating user interfaces and craft a fully functional website. This isn’t just a project; it’s a testament to your journey to mastering the heart and soul of web design & development. And the best part? This stellar addition to your portfolio isn’t just a static representation of your growth, but a living, breathing proof of concept that you can proudly showcase to potential employers

    Career Programme Breakdown

    Qualification: ITonlinelearning Diploma in Web Development
    Study time:
    140 hours (3 months if you study 2 hours a day)
    Practicals: 2 independent website projects and several practical course projects
    Total access:
    12 months
    Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft

    You will learn the following subjects:

    • HTML
    • CSS
    • JavaScript
    • Python
    • The Command Line
    • Git & GitHub
    • Azure
    • AWS

    Hear from our students

    I highly recommend this for my friends and colleagues which basically I have already done, so thank you for ITonlinelearning for offering the opportunity for me to become a web developer

    Dragos Zecheru

    My experience with ITonlinelearning has been extremely wonderful. I am extremely grateful to the entire ITonlinelearning Team for being there and supporting me. It is a great place to start your career.

    Anisha Jain

    The process throughout was really fantastic. The resources was REALLY good. All of the videos that I used just allowed me to pass the exam first time. It’s just been a really fantastic experience!

    Chris Lacovou

    It all starts with

    {hello world}

    Learning to code is like learning a new language. You’ll gain the confidence you need to land and pass coding interviews with these in-demand courses, practical projects, and strategic steps.

    The ITonlinelearning coding career programme equipped me with the necessary skills to confidently pursue a career in coding and thrive in the field. With their comprehensive training, I now feel prepared to succeed in my coding journey.

    HTML / CSS / javascript
    git / github / python / cmd
    amazon web services
    Microsoft azure

    What Kinds of Coding Jobs Can You Get?

    Front-End Developers

    Average salary:
    £59k per year

    Create and implement user interfaces (UI) and user experience (UX) of websites to bring designs to life.

    Back-End Developers

    Average salary:
    £60k per year

    Build and maintain the server-side of an app or website to make sure everything runs smoothly.

    Full-Stack Developers

    Average salary:
    £61k per year

    Work on all aspects of a website or app, on the front- and the back-ends.

    Web Developers

    Average salary:
    £48k per year

    Build and maintain websites to create interactive and visually appealing web experiences.

    There are currently 45,649 coding jobs in the UK.
    Source: Adzuna

    Meet Your Expert Tutors

    Learn more about the people who will be guiding you on your journey. Your journey will be supported by our expert tutors. This is what our students had to say.


    Web & Software Development Tutor

    Emmanuel has been teaching and mentoring students in computer and programming knowledge since 2016! During his career, he has also worked as a Software Developer and his skills include Java, Laravel, HTML5, CSS, JS, and MySQL.

    David Web and Software Development Tutor


    Web & Software Development Tutor

    David has worked as a System Developer, Mobile App Developer, Senior Developer, and Software Engineer in recent years. Along with his Microsoft certification, he has skills including React, Typescript, Restful APIs, Angular, Vue, and Node JS.

    Why Choose ITonlinelearning?

    Personal Career Consultant

    There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to achieving your goals. You deserve career consulting and advice that’s tailored towards your skills and aspirations – which is why you’ll be supported by a Career Consultant that cares about your future.

    One-to-one Tutor Support

    You’ll be able to contact your Tutor at any time during your studies to arrange a one-to-one call, get additional notes & tips, or ask questions regarding your courses. Plus, they’re experienced in programming!

    24/7 Course Access for 12 Months

    Your time is valuable, and we know you might not have the flexibility to study on a schedule. That’s why you have access to your courses for 24 hours a day and for 12 months, ensuring you can study any where, any time.

    Flexible & Interest-Free Payments

    Growing in your career shouldn’t break the bank. Our flexible payment and finance options give you the chance to gain more skills in a way that your wallet will thank you for.

    Tutorial Videos & Webinars

    Training thousands of students means we know what kinds of questions you have, and we’ve got several tutorial videos and webinars that will help you through the nitty-gritties of your courses.

    Full Support Team

    Your Student Support Administrators & Study Coaches are available at the press of a button to help you with any questions you have in terms of logging into your portal, quizzes, or challenges you have during your studies.

    Practical Projects

    Learning to code is like learning a new language – you have to practise. That’s why you get access to a variety of projects during your studies. You’ll also be well prepared for any practical assessments you need to do for interviews.

    Money-Back Guarantee

    If you don’t secure a job within 12 months of working in partnership with your Recruitment Advisor, we’ll refund your course fees. Your success is at the forefront of our mission.

    Portfolio & CV-Building Support

    Our specialist Recruitment Advisors have placed hundreds of students just like you, and will give you a CV that gets you interview after interview! Plus, your Tutor will help you create a portfolio that hiring managers will compete for.

    A Personal Recruitment Advisor

    You will have your own Recruitment Advisor to help you through the job market, applications, interviews, and so much more. That includes mock interviews, interview questions (and answers), as well as job-seeking & application help!

    Coding Career Programme
    Frequently Asked Questions

    You have questions, and we have all the answers

    • A consultation with a Career Consultant to make sure you’re choosing the right path
    • A job/money-back guarantee to give you peace of mind about your career goals
    • Unlimited, 12-month access to 8 recognised courses with all-inclusive tutorials including videos and presentations that you can access any time, any where
    • 2 recognised exams (by AWS and Microsoft) that give you the knowledge employers are hiring for
    • Certified and experienced Tutors to keep you on track, give you feedback on your code, provide advice on course questions, and support good study habits
    • 2 website projects to practise your skills and develop your unique coding style in a portfolio of projects/websites
    • Access to a full Support Team for assistance with notes and study queries
    • A professional, Coding-oriented CV rewrite that’s guaranteed to land you interviews
    • 12 months of career coaching and recruitment services, or until you secure a new position
    • Recruitment support from our specialist recruitment team including interview preparation, mock interviews, and interview assessments – all specific to the jobs you will be applying to
    • A LinkedIn profile make-over to maximise your new networking opportunities with other people in Coding
    • Interview and job-seeking support that are guaranteed to land you the job you deserve

    We ensure you secure a new job opportunity within 12 months of completing your last qualification, however, most students secure a role within 4 months (on average) of passing their last exam.

    • HTML Essentials has 8 hours of content
    • CSS Essentials has 8.5 hours of content
    • Learn the Command Line has 8 hours of content
    • Learn JavaScript has 20 hours of content
    • Learn Git & GitHub has 15 hours of content
    • Learn Python 3 has 25 hours of content
    • Build a Portfolio Website will be individual-specific but could be completed in less than a week
    • AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner has roughly 12 hours of content
    • Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate has roughly 9 hours of content

    We offer finance through our third-party finance partner Premium Credit where you can spread the cost of your study package and exams over affordable monthly payments. This is the preferred option for our students not paying in full. As an alternative where students do not qualify for finance, we offer monthly spread payments in-house (ITOL Finance) which are interest-free and cover the cost of the course component only. ITOL Finance therefore does not finance the cost of exams. You can however at any time contact the exam booking team and pay for exams as you need them.

    Yes, we can tailor a study package for you based on your experience level and taking into consideration studies you have already completed.

    Once you’ve passed your exams, you are supported by our recruitment team. They will re-do your CV and overhaul your Linkedin profile, provide you with job seeking advice, interview advice and support you each step of the job seeking process! Our aim is to empower you, so you have all the skills needed to secure interviews, master interviews and land the job you want to get. These are skills for life and help you at any point in your career when you want to change jobs.