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Studying, upskilling, or starting a new career can be overwhelming, but don’t worry – we’re here to help you every step of the way.

From getting started with our portal and kicking off your study journey to sitting your final exam and maximising your career prospects, your Support Team is here to help you reach your full potential.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need anything – we’re here to help!

Your Success is Assured

Expert Career Consultants

Our expert Career Consultants select qualifications that align perfectly with your aspirations by collaborating with you to identify your desired end-goal.

Certified Tutors

Our certified Tutors are there to assist you with course questions, exam queries, and revision so you have all the support you need to ace your exams.

Study Coaches and Mentors

Your Study Coach and Mentor is dedicated to guiding and supporting you throughout your journey by providing motivation, encouragement, and monitoring progress.

Experienced Recruitment Advisors

Your Recruitment Advisor will provide you with the tools you need to succeed, like an industry-oriented CV, LinkedIn profile overhaul, and exclusive resources.

Meet Your Team

Career Consultants


Course and Career Consultant

Andy is one of our Course and Career Consultants, renowned for his exceptional ability to guide individuals like you towards making informed decisions – and his fondness for cashews. Drawing on his vast industry expertise, Andy will help you navigate your professional development journey and ensure you choose the right path.


Course and Career Consultant

Stuart is one of our Course and Career Consultants, celebrated for his unwavering commitment to assisting individuals like you in making sound choices. Beyond his impressive beard, Stuart is a skilled drummer! Leveraging his extensive knowledge of your desired industry, he will validate your decision-making process for your continued professional growth.


Course and Career Consultant

Oliver, aka ‘Ollie’, is one of our Course and Career Consultants, distinguished for his fervour in guiding individuals like you towards the optimal course of action – plus, he’s a film enthusiast. With his comprehensive understanding of the industry you aspire to join, Ollie will ensure that your continued professional development aligns perfectly with your goals.


Course and Career Consultant

Richard is one of our Course and Career Consultants, renowned for his passion and drive in guiding individuals like you towards the right course of action – and he’s armed with a great sense of humour! Leveraging his extensive industry knowledge, Richard will play a key role in validating your decision-making process for your continued professional development.


Course and Career Consultant

Chris is one of our Course and Career Consultants, known for his unwavering passion and commitment to advising individuals like you on the best course of action. Drawing on his extensive industry knowledge, Chris will play a pivotal role in validating your decision-making process for your continued professional development.


Course and Career Consultant

Jack is one of our senior Course and Career Consultants, with a wealth of experience in guiding professionals since 2019. Widely recognised for his fervour in helping individuals make the right choices, he also possesses a remarkable talent for memes. Leveraging his profound industry knowledge, Jack will ensure that your continued professional development aligns seamlessly with your aspirations.


Course and Career Consultant

Ashley, aka ‘Ash’, is one of our more senior Course and Career Consultants, offering his expertise to professionals since 2016! Valued for his unwavering dedication in helping individuals make informed decisions, he also has a soft spot for Christmas trees. Drawing on his extensive industry knowledge, Ash will validate your decision-making process for your continued professional development.


Course and Career Consultant

Sam is one of our Course and Career Consultants, celebrated for his fervour and drive in guiding individuals like you towards the best course of action – and he’s often spotted wearing his signature Nirvana shirt. With his comprehensive understanding of the industry, Sam will validate your decision-making process for your continued professional development.


Course and Career Consultant

Daina is one of our Course and Career Consultants, and we can best describe her as an animal-lover with a cheese obsession. Drawing on her extensive industry knowledge, Daina will play a pivotal role in validating your decision-making process for your continued professional development.


Course and Career Consultant

Jessie is one of our Course and Career Consultants, and during her years at ITonlinelearning, she has developed expertise in various industries within the UK – not to mention her to-die-for gingerbread cookies. Drawing upon her experience, she will ensure that your ongoing professional growth fits with your ambitions.


Course and Career Consultant

Whitney is one of our career consultants and has a knack for communicating and explaining complex concepts in simple ways. In addition to being a diva with impeccable style, she’s always prepared to go the extra mile to help you get the best product for your needs.


Course and Career Consultant

Zee is part of our career consultancy team. She’s a force to be reckoned with as a social media influencer and is known for tapping into her profound understanding of the job market to provide you with consistent, professional growth that aligns with your aims.


Course and Career Consultant

Marc, your spirited Career Advisor, brings energy and charisma to every interaction. Known as the life of the party, he infuses career guidance with enthusiasm and a vibrant approach.


Course and Career Consultant

Tamryn is a dedicated Career Consultant who specialises in helping individuals realise their professional aspirations. Outside of her professional life, Tamryn lives by the motto, “Life’s too short to skip the sparkle.” She embraces every day with enthusiasm and a bit of glitter, always accompanied by her loyal four-legged friend as she chases her dreams one step at a time.


Course and Career Consultant

Michael is a career consultant who not only helps others chart their professional journeys but also lives a life full of passion for organic honey, fitness, and water-sports. His favorite saying, “Out of the Eater came something to Eat, out of the Strong came something Sweet,” mirrors his belief in finding the valuable in the unexpected.



Commercial Director

Dean is our Commercial Director. Since 2011, he has been responsible for managing and coaching our Career Consultants, ensuring you receive personalised advice and consulting that is aligned with your respective industry. The majority of Dean’s role comprises of reporting, analytics, management, and delighting us with impromptu songs in our meetings.


Founder and Managing Director 

In 2009, Jeremy had a vision to make learning accessible, simple, and enjoyable so that anyone can grow, develop, and gain job security. Since then, he has not only created an entire organisation from the ground up to ensure you have access to industry-recognised certifications, and quality support; he has also done several triathlons – and he’s not going to stop here.


Commercial Director

Devin started off as a Junior Web Designer in 2013 and has upskilled his way into the highest ranks of the company – directing. He manages our Marketing Team and uses his BCS certification in Business Analysis and DMI Diplomas to optimise company procedures and processes. Devin’s role mainly comprises of reporting, analytics, management, and saying “Bye” at least 7 times before hanging up on calls.


Student Support Manager

Gregory, aka ‘Greg’, is the Manager of our Support Team at ITonlinelearning. Over the years, he has honed skills, knowledge, and experience in both consulting and advising through his previous roles – as well as growing an ace beard. Greg has the responsibility of managing and assisting the Team that will be supporting you throughout your studies including Tutors, Study Coaches, Examination Administrators, and Student Support Administrators.


Accounts Manager

Nadia has a penchant for organising anything and everything, from baby showers to pizza parties – so it should come as no surprise that she’s our Accounts Manager. She manages the Accounts Team here at ITonlinelearning to ensure everything runs smoothly on the finance side, from payments to the service you receive.


Senior Education Development Manager

Simon is our Senior Education Development Manager by day, and a dungeon crawler by night. Basically, he’s responsible for producing the high-quality training material we have developed in collaboration with the UK’s leading education providers. He has been part of the ITonlinelearning team for almost a decade and has a history of wearing many hats including marketing, web & product development, and video production.


Digital Marketing Manager

Herman, known as “H”, currently holds the esteemed position of Marketing Manager and Digital Marketing Analyst. He bears the heavy burden of taming the creative impulses of our marketing team whilst also ensuring the efficacy of our Pay-Per-Click advertising campaigns. He is none other than our very own ChatGPT, revered for his unparalleled aptitude in answering questions and serving as a veritable Digital Marketing Guru of exceptional skill and knowledge.

Associate Tutors

Jeremy – MBA, Pg Dip, Cert Ed, FinstLM, FCMI, APM, GCGLI

Associate CMI Tutor

Jeremy is an accomplished, highly experienced educationalist who has facilitated the successful delivery of learning for many years, including the development of leadership and management courses at a vocational and higher level. He has an excellent track record of delivering excellent face-to-face and online learning to students from diverse backgrounds and cultures, given his international prestige. Jeremy also has international senior management experience developing the knowledge and skills of individuals & teams to provide positive change and growth!

David – Chartered MCIPD

Associate CMI Tutor

David is an experienced training, learning & development, and people development specialist with extensive experience across various sectors including HR and Management Consultancy, Futher & Higher Education, and Research & Development. David has experience delivering and assessing Business Management & Leadership Development programmes up to and including CMI Level 7, higher education awards up to and including Master’s Degrees, and has formulated learning partnerships on a global scale!

Derek – PMP

Associate APM Tutor

Derek has met the rigorous standards set in place by the Project Management Institute (PMI) to achieve the prestige of being a Project Management Professional (PMP). His experience is rooted in providing project management training and consulting since 2002, specialising in both PRINCE2® and Agile. Derek remains passionate about ensuring you are equipped with the skills you require in order to successfully deliver project goals. In Derek’s words, “People make projects”.


Associate Project Management Tutor

Ian is an accredited trainer in 8 fields including IT service management, business analysis, project management, and change management! A Scrum Master with several certifications, Ian has been successfully delivering training since 2005. While we are unsure how he manages to remember each of the many qualifications he holds, we know that his reputation for excellent delivery of varied project management knowledge and skills precedes him.

Tutors & Mentors


Project Management Tutor

Ryan is our certified Project Management Tutor and, respectfully, he’s part of the furniture here at ITonlinelearning! He has been around for almost a decade and specialises in anything and everything Project Management, as well as dad jokes (yes, he’s a connoisseur). He is there for your queries regarding the course material you are working through and to prepare you for your exams.


Project Management Tutor

Meet Janzelle, resident Project Management Tutor and jokester. When she’s not busy helping you achieve your career goals, she’s probably cuddled up with her two fur babies, who happen to be the cutest pups in town (don’t tell anyone we said that).


Student Mentor

Babalwa is your enthusiastic Student Mentor, equipped with insightful guidance for both academic and personal growth. She’s not only a support in your study journey but also a reality TV expert, especially when it comes to “Love Is Blind.”


Business Analysis Tutor

Shaun, our knowledgeable Business Analysis tutor, combines his academic prowess with a passion for sports, particularly tennis. His enthusiasm for both teaching and athletics makes him a dynamic and engaging tutor.


Web & Software Development Tutor and Study Coach

Emmanuel is one of our Web and Software Development Tutors and Study Coaches. Even though he is a man of few words, Emmanuel has incredible patience and knowledge of web and software development. He is responsible for resolving any queries you have related to your courses and supporting you throughout your study journey.


IT & Computer Support Tutor and Study Coach

Jerry is our certified IT & Computer Support Tutor and Study Coach. Besides being certified through CompTIA, he’s also skilled in lifting weights and eating cartons of raw egg for breakfast! He is responsible for resolving any queries you have related to your courses and supporting you throughout your study journey.


IT Tutor

Sandile, one of our skilled IT tutors, combines his expertise in technology with a passion for the outdoors, exercise, and travel. He enjoys learning new things and staying current with the latest Cyber Security Technology in the ever-changing IT field. He values spending quality time with family, bringing a well-rounded and personable approach to his teaching.


IT Tutor and Study Coach

Mojela is an experienced IT Tutor and Study Coach who brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to his teaching. With years of experience in the IT field, he thrives on tackling technical problems and imparting knowledge. Mojela is committed to staying current in this fast-evolving tech landscape through continuous study. Outside the classroom, he values spending quality time with loved ones and engaging in outdoor activities.


Student Support Coach

Oni is our CMI Study Coach with a passion for helping you succeed in your management and leadership endeavours, as well as listening to music (right now she’s into hip-hop and RnB). Oni will be assisting you with content you might need help understanding or she will guide you on best practices for submitting your assignments, too.


Student Support Coach

Pearl, our Student Support Coach, is deeply committed to enhancing the educational journey of every student she encounters. With a passion for the simple pleasures of life, Pearl draws inspiration from immersing herself in captivating books and expressing her creativity through drawing. Additionally, as a self-proclaimed hair guru, Pearl tackles each styling challenge with the same flair and finesse she brings to her coaching.


Data Analysis Tutor

Roma serves as our Data Analytics tutor, bringing a methodical and insightful approach to teaching complex data concepts. Her love for animals extends beyond personal interest, as she dedicates much of her time to volunteering with them. Her dual passion for data science and volunteer work exemplifies her dedication to both her professional and personal life, making her a beloved member of our team.


Web and Software Tutor

Cuan stands at the intersection of technology and adventure as our web and software tutor. Not only does he excel in demystifying complex software challenges for his students, but he is also a qualified rescue diver. Cuan’s deep dive into both coding and the ocean’s depths highlights his profound commitment to exploration and learning.


Data Analysis & Coding Tutor

Neville is our Data Analysis & Coding Tutor, known for his expertise in integrating complex data analytics with coding techniques. He empowers students with hands-on training, making challenging concepts accessible and engaging. Beyond the classroom, Neville is a car enthusiast with a passion for drifting. If he wasn’t teaching, he’d be building cars and dreaming of running his own showroom.

Administration and Accounts


Student Administrator

Kayla is the Student Support Administrator responsible for your login and portal queries. Kayla’s got an insatiable sweet tooth and a wealth of knowledge on different subjects regarding your studies from exams to recruitment. She will be your main point of contact for logins, portals, and manual queries.


Front Desk Executive

Selena, our vibrant Front Desk Executive, welcomes everyone with her extroverted and bubbly personality. As an empath, she has a unique ability to understand and respond to the needs of those she interacts with, making her an invaluable first point of contact.


Exam Administrator

Barbara is going to be your Exam Administrator and so she is the main point of contact for any exam-related questions you might have. With her love for jelly babies and desire to help you succeed, she’s an invaluable asset to have in your arsenal as you progress through your studies.


Account Administrator

Kay is one of our Account Administrators and part of our Accounts Team. She’s a graceful, soft person with a passion for travelling and will be responsible for getting in touch with you for payment and finance-related matters.


Debtors Administrator

Tersia is one of our Debtors Administrators and part of our Accounts Team. She’s a coffeeholic with a huge sweet tooth and will be responsible for getting in touch with you for payment and finance-related matters.


Accounts Administrator

Lusanda serves as our Accounts Administrator, handling our finances with precision and care. When she’s not managing numbers, Lusanda indulges in her passion for the Avengers, with a particular fondness for Loki.

Recruitment Advisors


Recruitment Advisor

Shailee is the recruitment advisor responsible for finding you your desired role! She has travelled 12 different countries and speaks 4 languages, so needless to say, her communication and experience of working with different people is impeccable.


Recruitment Advisor

Roxanne, your Recruitment Advisor, brings expertise and enthusiasm to guide you in your career pursuits. A SA Colours volleyball player who loves dogs and baking, she mixes professional acumen with her vibrant personality.


Recruitment Advisor

Keelyn brings her keen insight and extensive experience to her role as Recruitment Advisor. With a sharp eye for talent and a deep understanding of the job market, she excels at matching candidates with their ideal roles. Keelyn’s dedication to nurturing potential and fostering professional growth makes her an invaluable asset to both job seekers and our team.

Course Development


Course Developer

Elisha is one of our Course Developers and ITonlinelearning’s free-spirited flower child. She’s part of the team responsible for designing, developing, and updating course content as well as performing quality control of courseware. Elisha assesses our students’ learning needs to set clear and measurable learning objectives, so that you have the training material you deserve!


Course Developer

Lindo is a Course Developer here at ITonlinelearning and she’d be best described as Wonderwoman – with a wand (yes, we know, she yields a whole lot of power). She’s part of the team responsible for designing, developing, and updating course content as well as performing quality control of courseware. Lindo assesses our students’ learning needs to set clear and measurable learning objectives, so that you have the training material you deserve!


Course Developer

Roxanne is one of our Course Developers and a kayaking enthusiast with a penchant for pursuing adrenaline highs through riding rapids and wild waters! She’s part of the team responsible for designing, developing, and updating course content as well as performing quality control of courseware. Roxanne assesses our students’ learning needs to set clear and measurable learning objectives, so that you have the training material you deserve.


Multimedia Designer

Meet Craig one of our Course Developers and ITonlinelearning’s resident Swiss Army Knife. Not only is he a master at creating captivating videos and motion graphics, but he’s also a pro at collaborating with the marketing team and flexing his creative muscles to explain complex concepts in simple ways. When he’s not crafting stunning multimedia content, you can find him communing with nature – he’s a wildling!



Digital Marketing Specialist

Introducing Anni, our digital marketing specialist and resident Slytherin! Don’t let her love for plants and coffee fool you – she’s a force to be reckoned with when it comes to all things graphics and design. Her role is as varied as her interests, as she’s constantly juggling project management, web development, graphic design, digital marketing and “building and breaking things”. You could say she’s a bit of a wizard herself when it comes to creating stunning visual content that makes an impression.


Digital Marketer

He’s the brains, he’s the brawn: he’s Kosta, the Greek God of Social Media Strategy. That’s it.

Just kidding, Kosta is more than just brawn and brains – he’s the mastermind behind the stunning designs and engaging content you find across all our social media platforms. Whether he’s whipping up videos or flexing his graphic design muscles, Kosta has a talent for handling project-specific tasks to a T.


Interface Design Specialist

Born in the romantic city of Paris, Lili brings a touch of elegance to her role as our UX and UI expert. Fluent in French and an avid yoga practitioner, Lili skillfully balances aesthetics with user-centric design principles. When she’s not crafting seamless digital experiences, you might find her teaching a yoga class, sharing her passion for well-being and mindfulness.


Web Developer

Jaco is a skilled Web Developer known not only for his technical prowess but also for his adventurous spirit. A professional skydiver and scuba diver, Jaco thrives on the adrenaline and freedom these activities offer.

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Customer-Approved Service since 2007

You will benefit from our perfected learning & development formula by enjoying support that forms the crux of our values and mission. Our TrustScore of 4.9 has remained consistent with thousands of 5-star reviews, so we’re happy to report that our customers agree.

An Endorsed Qualification & Reputation

When we say accredited, we mean that official experts from our licensed organisations have evaluated and approved our training material to ensure it meets their refined standards. These qualifications thus make you a credible and reliable professional.

Tailored Advice & Consulting

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to achieving personal and professional goals. You deserve career consulting and employability advice tailored toward your specific skills, experience, and aspirations – luckily, this is our forte.

Full Student Success Team

To drive your success forward to the finishing line of your goals, our team comprises of professionals available at the press of a button to provide clarity on questions you have regarding your exam booking and preparation, portal and logins, assignments, as well as quizzes. You can also access one-to-one Tutor and Mentor Support so that your queries can be resolved swiftly and comprehensively. Our Tutors are experienced and certified in their fields, too!

Bolster Your Income Potential & Job Security

Your certification will provide you with a significant competitive advantage by validating your skills and knowledge – with that, you can either contribute toward your current company or grow in another one.

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You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your lifestyle in order to advance your skills. With your development at the forefront of our mission, we have personalised financing options so that you can live comfortably whilst investing in your future.

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Start Your Journey

Access your courses & community forums, and connect with your Tutors, Support Administrators, and Study Coaches



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Your Recruitment Advisor will add your new qualifications to your CV and provide you with support to secure your first job in the industry!