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CompTIA Networking Courses: Your Path to IT Careers in the UK


Are you looking for the best networking courses that are also beginner-friendly in the UK? 

If so, we’re glad you came across this post! CompT IA networking certifications, such as A+, Network+, and Security+, offer a comprehensive pathway to kickstart your IT career.

These certifications teach the essential knowledge and skills needed to work and excel in the IT networking career path.

According to the UK Government’s National Cyber Security Strategy 2016-2021, the cybersecurity and networking industry will continue to need trained professionals as we move further into our technology-powered future. 

This research excites us at ITonlinelearning; it confirms what we’ve always believed: investing in IT education through CompTIA courses, even as a beginner, can help position you for exciting opportunities in this dynamic sector.

Understanding Networking Career Paths

Networking is one of the core aspects of the IT industry, and people interested in this field will find more than their fair share of opportunities.

Here are common networking career  paths available in the UK:

Job TitleResponsibilities
1. Network Administrator– Responsible for maintaining, troubleshooting, and updating an organisation’s computer networks.
– Ensures network security, performance, and availability.
2. Network Engineer– Designs, implements, and maintains network infrastructure.
– Works with various technologies, such as routers, switches, and firewalls.
3. Network Security Specialist– Focuses on protecting networks from security threats and vulnerabilities.
– Implements and manages security solutions, such as firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and VPNs.
4. Network Architect– Designs and plans the overall structure and layout of a company’s network.
– Is responsible for ensuring networks can support current and future needs.
5. Cloud Network Engineer– Specialises in designing, implementing, and managing cloud-based network solutions.
– Works with cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).
6. Wireless Network Engineer– Designs, implements, and maintains wireless network infrastructure.
– Oversees that networks are secure, reliable, and perform optimally.
7. Network Support Technician– Provides technical support to users experiencing network-related issues.
– Troubleshoots and resolves network problems to minimise downtime.
8. Telecommunications Specialist– Manages organisation’s telecommunications systems, including phone systems, video conferencing, and VoIP.
– Focuses on making telecommunications systems reliable, secure, and cost-effective.

CompTIA Networking Courses for Beginners: A Guide To Relevant Courses

Pursuing a career in networking- whether looking for growth in a current role or transitioning into the IT sector (especially in the UK), requires a solid foundation of knowledge and practical skills.

This is where CompTIA networking courses come into play. These are the essential building blocks for ambitious people pursuing IT careers.

illustrated image of the CompTIA A+ qualification

CompTIA A+ Certification

The CompTIA A+ certification is an ideal starting point if:

You are new to the world of IT and Networking. 

You want to verify your skills and experience with employers, and you require accredited IT qualifications like these to do so.

This vendor-neutral certification validates your understanding of fundamental IT concepts, including hardware, software, and basic networking principles.

illustrated image of the CompTIA Network+ qualification

CompTIA Network+ Certification

Building upon the foundation laid by the A+ certification, the CompTIA Network+ course dives deeper into Networking concepts. 

This certification validates expertise in designing, configuring, managing, and troubleshooting wired and wireless networks.

illustrated image of the CompTIA Security+ qualification

CompTIA Security+ Certification

Network security is paramount in today’s digital landscape; that is a fact.

The CompTIA Security+ certification demonstrates expertise in identifying and mitigating security risks, implementing secure network solutions, and safeguarding a company’s digital assets.

Study IT Qualifications With Training Specialists in the UK

Choosing to upskill, reskill and pursue professional advancement is an incredibly rewarding undertaking. 

However, at the same time, it can be overwhelming when thinking of all the options that are available to you.

ITonlinelearning has been helping people change their professional lives through upskilling, reskilling and qualifying for in-demand jobs and careers in industries like: 

Project Management

Business Analysis

Digital Marketing


IT & Networking


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Preparing for CompTIA Networking Certification: The Details

CompTIA A+

  • Recommended experience: 9 to 12 months of hands-on experience would be ideal (but is not required!).
  • Number of exams: 2 (220-1101 & 220-1102)
  • Testing time: 90 minutes per exam
  • Number of questions: Maximum of 90 questions per exam
  • Pass mark:
    CompTIA A+  Core 1 – 75%  ( 675 out of 900)
    CompTIA A+  Core 2 – 78%  ( 700 out of 900)
  • Validity: 3 years

CompTIA Network+ Certification

  • Recommended experience: At least 9 to 12 months of networking experience (but is not required!).
  • Number of exams: 1 (N10-007)
  • Testing time: 90 minutes
  • Number of questions: Maximum of 90 multiple-choice questions
  • Pass mark: 80%  (700 out of 900)
  • Validity: 3 years

CompTIA Security+ Certification

  • Recommended experience: At least 2 years of experience in IT administration with a security focus.
  • Number of exams: 1 (SY0-601)
  • Testing time: 90 minutes
  • Number of questions: Maximum of 90 questions
  • Pass mark: 83%  (750 out of 900)
  • Recommended study time: 60-90 hours
  • Validity: 3 years

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Networking Career Opportunities in the UK: The Path Ahead of You

The UK has been facing a skills shortage in the tech sector for some time now.  

It is such an issue that an estimated 600,000 vacancies in digital technology roles across the economy have yet to be filled. (This is a growing concern for businesses and the government.)

Your opportunity, not to be missed

Now is the perfect time to pursue accredited IT certifications to prepare for the growing number of jobs and skills needed by employers across various UK sectors.

Explore Job Focused IT & Networking Qualifications

ITonlinelearning specialises in helping people – regardless of job, career and experience level – acquire professional qualifications to qualify for UK-specific jobs employers are hiring for.

We assign you a tutor, a team of mentors and recruitment support (should you require it) to help you secure and prepare for interviews to land the job to change your life.

Take Action

 By now, you’ve learnt and understood how CompTIA networking courses for beginners and experienced professionals, teach the skills and knowledge necessary to pursue & grow in an IT career.

The IT courses we discussed include:

CompTIA A+, CompTIA Network+, and CompTIA Security+

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