Digital Marketing Career Programme

  • For creative, adaptable, and collaborative professionals
  • Prepare to become the ideal candidate for an energising career in Digital Marketing
  • Join over 200,000 professionals certified by the Digital Marketing Institute (DMI) in the UK and globally
  • Guarantee your success and enjoy support from expert Tutors, Study Coaches, and Recruitment Advisors
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    The Digital Marketing Career Programme

    Picture yourself as a vital member of a team responsible for driving a company’s online presence and growth: our Digital Marketing Career Programme is designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in this fast-paced field!

    You will be equipped with a range of digital marketing tactics, including search engine optimisation (SEO), pay-per-click advertising (PPC), social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing, and analytics through our comprehensive Digital Marketing Career Programme.

    We know that digital marketing is a constantly evolving field, which is why our programme informs you of the latest industry trends & best practices. You will learn to develop data-driven strategies, measure the effectiveness of your campaigns, and optimise your digital assets to achieve results.

    But that’s not all! You’ll receive the world’s most recognised Digital Marketing Diplomas. Plus, to top it off, you’ll receive full recruitment support to ensure you land the job you deserve in the exciting and rewarding field of Digital Marketing.

    Why you should join us

    • Your job and money-back guarantee make sure you get the results you deserve from your career journey – because we’re sincerely committed to seeing you succeed
    • Your official certification means that your experience is validated through industry-recognised material and highly valued in the UK (and the world!)
    • Stay motivated and manage your time effectively through regular one-to-one follow-ups with your certified Tutor and Study Coach
    • You have 24/7 access to your online courses, so you can study at your own pace and save on travel costs
    • Your Student Community Forums give you the opportunity to share questions, ideas, and knowledge with other professionals studying these certification
    • Your CV and LinkedIn profile will receive complete makeovers from your Recruitment Advisor to make sure you maximise your chances of securing rewarding opportunities
    • Career and recruitment support gives you advice on how to secure and succeed in job interviews, including mock interviews and exclusive interview preparation tailored toward your prospective company and role
    • Your expert Career Consultant will help you choose the right route, and combine it with strategic guidance to make sure you achieve success in your career
    • Gain 1 year access to TOTUM Pro Membership

    Avoid the negative effects of making the wrong decision about your development journey; have an open Q&A with an expert. 

    What’s included?

    From the moment you register with us, you will have the guidance and advice you need to successfully qualify and find work in your new career. Your package includes:

    • A consultation with a Career Consultant to corroborate your course choice
    • Unlimited, 6-month access (per Diploma) to 3 accredited DMI Diploma Courses
    • 3 accredited DMI Diploma Examinations
    • Access to a full Support Team for assistance with examination and study queries
    • Module quizzes, final quizzes, and exam preparation curated for your development by marketing professionals
    • Extensive examination support
    • Free DMI Power User Membership including premium content, additional free courses, a community of professionals, CPD tracking, and webinars
    • Recruitment support from our specialist Recruitment Team
    • A professional, industry-oriented CV rewrite
    • A LinkedIn profile overhaul to maximise networking opportunities
    • Refined interview and job-seeking support
    • A job/money-back guarantee to protect your return on investment

    Certification details

    Accrediting body
    The Digital Marketing Institute (DMI) is renowned as the global standard in digital marketing education, offering a range of courses and certifications to help professionals master the latest skills and techniques in the field. If you’re looking to become a Digital Marketing Pro, the DMI Diplomas have got you covered! These programmes are expertly crafted to give you an in-depth understanding of everything digital marketing, from developing effective strategies and planning campaigns to executing flawlessly & optimising for maximum results.

    But it’s not just the quality of the education that sets DMI’s Diplomas apart – it’s also the recognition they receive from industry leaders and employers around the world. With a DMI Diploma on your resume, you’ll have the skills and credibility to stand out in today’s job market and take your career to new heights.

    There are currently 40,786 Digital Marketing jobs in the UK.
    Source: Adzuna

    Digital Marketing Career Programme

    What You Will Learn

    This Career Programme comprises of 3 official DMI Diplomas, allowing you to become an expert in all areas of Digital Marketing.

      Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing

      Info & Overview

      Upon completion, you will know more about digital concepts, how they’ve influenced customer behaviour, and how they affect your job and the overall business. You will also be able to meet business objectives by developing, executing, and evaluating digital campaigns that capture and convert customers. Lastly, this Diploma will enable you to recognise the significance of digital marketing strategies and use SEO, social media, paid search (Google Ads), content, ads, and email to stimulate customer interaction.

      Professional Diploma in Social Media Marketing

      Info & Overview

      You will gain world-class, specialist knowledge and insights regarding social media marketing whilst developing true expertise under the guidance of DMI Skills Experts, who will teach you social strategy, research, and content creation. Plus, you will be able to stay current with the latest platform knowledge and strategies, including TikTok, Twitch, and WeChat, as well as learn every aspect of social media marketing with DMI’s 10 comprehensive modules, making you well-equipped to handle any challenge.

      The Key to Your Success

      Your Expert Career Consultant has received extensive training in the solutions we offer, and they understand that making the wrong choice can have a negative impact on your career, and overall well-being. They’re here to: 

      • Get to know you, your goals, and your experience 
      • Help you through the best options for you
      • Make sure you choose the right path: financially, psychologically, and professionally. 

      Projecting Your Salary

      We want to help you achieve the best outcome in your studies so that you can flourish in your selected development pathway.

      £27.6K /

      per year

      Digital Marketing Assistant

      £37.4K /

      per year

      Digital Marketer

      £43.3K /

      per year

      Digital Marketing Manager

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      Your Study Journey with ITonlinelearning

      We make your learning experience personal to you
      but holistically, you can expect the following pathway.

      STEP 1

      Consult with an Expert

      Your Career Consultant will help you decide which route is best for you based on your skills and experience

      STEP 2


      Secure your place within the study programme by finalising the details of your qualification and support requirements

      STEP 3

      Start Your Journey

      Access your courses & community forums, and connect with your Tutors, Support Administrators, and Study Coaches

      STEP 4


      Once you have completed the prerequisite qualifications, you are certified in your field – congratulations!

      STEP 5

      Secure Your Job

      Your Recruitment Advisor will add your new qualifications to your CV and provide you with support to secure your first job in the field

      Digital Marketing Career Programme
      Frequently Asked Questions

      You have questions, and we have all the answers

      We ensure you secure a new job opportunity within 12 months of completing your last examination, however, most students secure a role within 4 months (on average) of passing their last exam.

      Each of the Diplomas in this Career Programme has roughly 30 hours worth of content. You have 24 weeks to work through each Diploma, and the average amount of time it takes to complete each Diploma is around 8 to 10 weeks – this varies from student to student.

      A digital marketer is responsible for promoting and marketing products or services using digital technologies, such as social media, email marketing, SEO, and PPC advertising. They analyse market trends and consumer behaviour to create and execute effective marketing campaigns. Digital marketers also collaborate with other teams, such as graphic designers and web developers, to create engaging and effective content that will attract and retain customers. Additionally, they use analytics tools to measure the success of their campaigns and make adjustments as needed to improve performance. Overall, a digital marketer’s goal is to increase brand awareness, drive website traffic, and ultimately generate leads and sales for their organisation.