Finding IT Support Jobs (Without Experience)

IT (Information Technology) is a vast and wide-ranging field of work and with the abundance of IT support jobs available, more and more individuals are eager to begin a career in IT. The hitch comes in when perusing listings for IT support jobs and it becomes apparent that the large majority require technical support experience.

Finding IT support jobs without experience can seem futile as most IT support job listings mention experience as a key requirement. This often leads individuals to believe that they will not be able to pursue a career in IT technical support.

This, however, is not true at all. There are many different paths which can be followed and ways in which experience can be gained. An innovative approach to problem-solving is of utmost importance when considering IT support jobs and this can be reflected in your approach to solving the issue of lack of experience in IT technical support. A lack of support experience does not have to end your quest for a rewarding and satisfying career – it can simply be seen as an opportunity to increase and enhance your skills, knowledge and capabilities.

Is Technology Still a Relevant Industry?

Technology is intrinsically ingrained in modern society and it affects almost every aspect of our day to day lives. It is an ever-changing, continuously expanding and constantly advancing field which requires skilled professionals to provide technical support.

Technology can be considered to be a living entity due to its changeable nature, but it will always be relevant and it will always require individuals who are able to perform IT support jobs. This can clearly be seen in the multitude of listings on job boards and it is often noted that IT is a field which consistently seeks candidates.

Securing IT Support Jobs Without Experience

Although there is a wealth of opportunity in the field of technical support, it is not always an easy field to enter; particularly without support experience. When considering IT support jobs, it is always beneficial to earn relevant and sought-after certifications. This will not only prove to prospective employers that you have the skills and knowledge that they are looking for, but will also demonstrate an eagerness to be able to perform effectively and efficiently in an IT support job.

There are also informal approaches to gaining IT technical support experience as it does not always require having worked in a support role. The old adage states that practice makes perfect and this is entirely true when it comes to IT. You can offer to assist friends and family members with their home IT needs, ask experienced professionals for guidance and advice, spend time in your company’s IT department to gain an understanding of the various roles and responsibilities and even volunteer your services to local community or charity organisations.

Securing IT support jobs without experience can be a daunting task but adding leading certifications to your CV will increase your chances tremendously. For those without support experience, or any form of IT experience, it can be a challenge to know which certifications will be the most beneficial for your chosen career path. It is highly recommended that you consider a training package which is specifically tailored to provide what is necessary to begin a career in IT.

Your Job Solution

There are certain certifications which carry the most weight when applying for your first IT support job and these will provide you with what you need to offer strong support services to any organisation. Whether you will be required to support Microsoft products, provide support helpdesk service, offer network support or fulfil a service desk 1st line technical support role, these certifications will enable you to gain the theory that will place you ahead of the game.

CompTIA IT Fundamentals

This is the ideal course for anyone who is completely new to IT and is looking to acquire the skills and knowledge which will provide a solid foundation on which to begin building a career in technical support. There are no prerequisites to study this course; which makes it the perfect starting point for entry-level individuals.

CompTIA A+

This course will ensure that you gain the knowledge and skills to pursue a rewarding and satisfying career in Information Technology (IT). This specific internationally recognised IT certification is particularly beneficial for anyone who is looking to work full time in roles such as Technical Support, 1st Line Support, Support Services and Helpdesk Services.

CompTIA Network+

This course is offers the fundamental knowledge and skills required to work on both wired and wireless networks, as it teaches using a vendor neutral network. Network support is a vital aspect in the day to day dealings of any IT technical support role and the ability to provide network support is advantageous when seeking positions such as Systems Administrator, Support Specialist, Support Services and Support Engineer.

Cisco Certified Entry Network Technician (CCENT)

This valuable IT certification ensures that you will have the knowledge and skills to install, operate and troubleshoot a small enterprise branch network and also imparts essential knowledge relating to basic network security. This certification works well alongside the CompTIA Network+ qualification and will enable you to provide effective and efficient network support.

Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) Windows 7

This course will provide you with the necessary abilities to install, support and maintain the Windows 7 operating system. This is still an immensely popular operating system and anyone looking to pursue a career in technical support will be required to have proficiency in working with Windows 7.

Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) Windows 8

This course ensures that you are able to configure and support any computers and other devices that are running the Windows 8 operating system. It will also provide the ability to assist and support users of this operating system and work with the associated network and security resources. From roles such as 1st Line Support to Systems Administrator to Service Desk Manager, any role in IT technical support requires working knowledge of Windows 8.

Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) Windows 10

This course covers the skills and knowledge associated with the latest Windows operating system – Windows 10. Given that Windows is the leading operating system, it stands to reason that anyone working in IT support jobs will be required to have the ability to provide technical support for Windows 10 and to support many other Microsoft products.

Gaining IT Technical Support Experience

Due to support experience being highly sought after when applying for IT support jobs, many candidates who find themselves lacking in this area may be uncertain how to gain the required experience. This is particularly true for those who are completely new to the field of technical support. Live Labs offers the perfect solution to gaining valuable IT technical support experience.

What are Live Labs?

Live Labs are the ideal way in which to gain practical IT support experience during your studies or when preparing for IT support job interview. A Live Lab (also known as a Practice Lab) is real computer equipment that has been networked together and made accessible online for practice purposes. As you will be working on the set-up virtually, mistakes are easily rectified with no worry that the equipment will be damaged, there are no extended re-build times, no noise and no large energy bills to contend with. It is also possible to authorise another user to connect to your Live Lab; which enables the sharing of ideas, training and the ability to gain insight from others. Live Labs provide a highly cost-effective, convenient and eco-friendly option for practising your IT technical support skills.

How Can Live Labs Help Me?

Gaining practical support experience is essential as most companies will chose an experienced applicant over one with no experience. This provides the necessary boost to gain a competitive edge over other candidates and also enables you to perform better in IT support jobs. Another benefit to using Live Labs is that it will greatly enhance your studies by enabling you to practice the theory that you have learned and determine which areas you may need to focus on to ensure that you are fully prepared for your certification exams. A strong command of theory, supported by practical application ability, will make it far more likely that an organisation will want you to join their team.

Regardless of your IT support career goals, earning relevant certifications and gaining practical experience will provide you with a firm footing from which to pursue your ambitions.

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