Five reasons why PRINCE2® is a fantastic qualification to have


PRINCE2® – a qualification fit for royalty.

Devised in the 1990s, this project management qualification has been helping people across the country ensure their projects keep on time and budget. Since it was created, over a million people have become PRINCE2® certified.

If you haven’t studied PRINCE2®, you may be wondering if it’s the right accreditation for you, especially with other project management qualifications readily available. However, we think it’s the perfect certification, no matter which industry you work in.

Join us as we look at what PRINCE2® is, and how it can help you manage projects like a pro.

What is PRINCE2®?

PRojects IN Controlled Environments, or PRINCE2®, is a project management method that helps people in business manage their projects more effectively.

PRINCE2® was developed in 1996 in the UK. It was initially created to help IT project managers in the government sector. However, it became so popular that use quickly spread across government and was also adapted for use in the private sector too. It’s currently used across a wide range of different businesses and industries.

Many businesses love using PRINCE2® as unlike other project management methods; there are no licensing fees to pay.

PRINCE2® focuses on breaking a project into stages so you can determine who is responsible for each stage and identify any potential risks as early as possible. If you’ve ever created a Gantt chart, these play a significant part in the PRINCE2® planning process!

Ultimately, PRINCE2® will lead to projects being completed on or before the deadline and with added cost-efficiencies. It’s a win-win for both you and your business!

The seven principles, themes and processes of PRINCE2®

The key methodology of PRINCE2® is seven principles, themes and processes that can be used to map and monitor projects from beginning to end.

We won’t go into them in this article; however you can find out more about them in our other blogs:

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Why PRINCE2® is a fantastic addition to your CV

As you can see, PRINCE2® is a brilliant way of managing any projects you have, breaking them down into smaller, more manageable chunks.

Here are some reasons why PRINCE2® should be your project management qualification of choice.

1. It’s recognised all across the world

If you ask most recruiters to name a project management qualification, they’re likely to say PRINCE2®!

2.  It’s transferable across a wide range of industries

PRINCE2® has been designed to be industry-agnostic. This means that no matter the type or size of your business, you can use the PRINCE2® method to generate fantastic results.

3. It’s fully customisable

The problem with many project management methodologies is that there is a framework that you have to strictly follow. This can lead to inflexibility, as well as to frustration.

The great thing about PRINCE2® is that it can be integrated into any other project management techniques you use, making it easy to adapt to your own way of working.

Let’s take the Gantt charts we mentioned earlier as an example. They can be a major help when managing your project. However, if you’re not comfortable using them and would prefer to use another method, like a PERT chart or critical path analysis, you can.

If you’re a fan of Agile project management, you can combine this with PRINCE2® too!

4. It’s tried and tested

The PRINCE2® qualification has been around for nearly thirty years, and bar a couple of revisions, uses the same methodology as it always has.

This means PRINCE2® is a solid and reliable accreditation that will lead to tangible results, and businesses around the world acknowledge this.

5. It can lead to an increase in salary

A PRINCE2® qualification can open the door to a brand new role, as well as an increase in pay.

Whether you opt for the Foundation or Practitioner qualification, PRINCE2® shows that you can see a project to completion, efficiently and cost-effectively.

A Product Support Officer can expect a salary of £29,500. However, a Programme Manager can anticipate an average salary of £75,000!

In conclusion – why PRINCE2® is the perfect choice

If you want a project management qualification that is flexible, well-recognised and can be used across various businesses, PRINCE2® is a great option.

Our students love that PRINCE2® is something they can apply to their own way of working rather than a methodology that they have to follow precisely.

If you want to learn how PRINCE2® can help you move forward in your career and join the hundreds of thousands of people who use it worldwide, we can help.

Unlock your potential with PRINCE2® and ITonlinelearning

If this article has convinced you of the benefits PRINCE2® can bring not only to your job, but your CV, then ITonlinelearning can help you take the next step.

We offer PRINCE2® Foundation training that will introduce you to the fundamentals of this well-known and well-loved project management method.

Once you’ve passed PRINCE2® Foundation, why not further your learning with PRINCE2® Practitioner? This advanced qualification will show you know all there is to know about the PRINCE2® methodology.

Both qualifications can be completed online, meaning you can study for PRINCE2® from home or the office. Plus, with flexible finance available, you can get a fantastic qualification sooner than you might think.

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