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What is ELC or ELCAS?

ELC (Enhanced Learning Credits) is a scheme aimed at providing members of the armed forces of the UK with lifelong learning opportunities. Financial support is provided in the form of a single, up-front payment towards the courses that you wish to study. The ELC scheme is administered and managed by ELCAS (Enhanced Learning Credits Administration Services) as a part of the MOD (Ministry of Defence). Administrative support and regulating of training providers is also provided by ELCAS.

Making the transition from the Armed Forces back to civilian life can be challenging and, at times, daunting. The ELCAS scheme endeavours to make that transition as smooth and easy as possible by helping those that have served, or are still serving in the military, gain recognised certifications, giving them a far greater chance at gaining employment once they have finished their service.

Your ELC entitlements

You can use the credits that you gain through ELC both whilst you are serving in the armed forces and for up to ten years after finishing your service.

The following points outline how ELCAS credits are earned and how those credits can be used:

  • After completing a total of four years of service you will be entitled to lower tier ELC funding of £1,000.
  • After completing a total of eight years of service you will be entitled to higher tier ELC funding of £2,000
  • You will be allowed to make up to three claims against the funding scheme, but you will only be entitled to claim once every calendar year.
  • ELCAS funding is only available for those courses that will lead to a level 3 or higher, recognised qualification on the National Qualifications Framework. The PRINCE2 courses on offer from ITonlinelearning all fall within this bracket.
  • Ensure that you are registered in order to claim, as this is a prerequisite.

How do I claim?

For those that are currently still serving in the military, you will need to obtain a Claim Authorisation Note (CAN) from your line manager and education staff.

Those that have finished their service will be able to obtain a Claim Authorisation Note from their Single Service Representative.

You will then be required to present your Claim Authorisation Note to ITonlinelearning before the commencement of your chosen course.

Any further queries about ELCAS can be directed to our experienced Course and Career Advisors who will be happy to assist you with everything you need to know. Feel free to visit the ELCAS website for any further required information.

Why choose PRINCE2 for my career?

A career in project management can be extremely rewarding and lucrative. The addition of a PRINCE2 certification to your CV will significantly improve your chances of gaining employment as it is considered to be the measuring standard for project management methodologies.

Many employers consider a PRINCE2 certification as a prerequisite to interviewing an applicant for a position as the methodology is tried and trusted in the field of project management.

PRINCE2 is recognised globally and is practiced in over 50 countries worldwide. This makes it possible to not only study, but practice PRINCE2 even if you relocate abroad without the need to revise your certification.

The PRINCE2 methodology is based on the input provided by project management professionals who are experienced in the project management industry, ensuring that any revisions made to the method only improve the chances for projects to reach their full potential.

Once you have completed your training to become a PRINCE2 Practitioner, you will be ready to take on projects of any size and scope, without the need for further training.

Get Qualified with ELCAS

Irrespective of whether you are studying to prepare for a new career in civilian life or are looking to add to your current skills, our Course and Career Advisors can assist you in choosing the study package best suited for your ELCAS requirements.

Why choose to study with ITonlinelearning?

ITonlinelearning is passionate about providing affordable training to not only experienced professionals, but those that are looking to step into a new role or career. We recognise that it can be difficult to find employment without a recognised certification and endeavour to provide training that is not only effective, but relevant.

Studying through ITonlinelearning will mean that you will be able to study your chosen courses and write the accompanying exams from the comfort of your own home. This ensures that you are able conduct your studies in a distraction- and noise-free environment.

The training that you will undergo is broken down into smaller sections, helping with memory retention. You will also be able to pause the training, or rewind if you would like to revise any of the material.

With 12 month access to our PRINCE2 courses, you will also be able to study at a pace that you feel comfortable with and you will be able to book your exams once you feel that you are ready.

Our course advisors are trained to help you find the courses that suit your skills and will be on hand to answer any questions that you may have regarding the courses or their exams. ITonlinelearning is ELCAS approved and offers the most comprehensive PRINCE2 course available in the UK.

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