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What is Linux?

The Linux operating system, which was developed by the Finnish Software Engineer Linus Torvalds, is best known for the fact that it is used by the New York Stock Exchange to power the applications used for trading. But there are a few other factors that have contributed to its popularity. It is an open-source operating system, which means that it may be modified, enhanced and even shared by anyone, since it is publicly accessible.

It also runs very well on just about any system, from outdated PCs and laptops, to extremely advanced supercomputers. Other contributing factors to its popularity is the fact that it is hailed as being exceptionally secure since it features robust encryption and users find that it generally runs faster than other operating systems It comes as no surprise then, that there is a huge, and growing interest in Linux online training courses.

Popular Linux Distributions

A Linux distribution (distro for short) is created when the Linux kernel, which is the core of Linux, is used to create an operating system. This is done by adding a desktop environment, applications, browsers etc. and ensuring that they all work together as they should. Some users prefer to create these themselves, undertaking Linux online training courses to gain the knowledge to do so, but most find it much more convenient to acquire a distribution that is ready to use.

Some of the more popular distributions are:

  • Ubuntu – The most popular distribution which concentrates on desktop and Linux server use.
  • Linux Mint – Built using Ubuntu as a base with added codecs (programs that code and decode data) and software.
  • Debian – Built using only software that is freely available and completely open-source.
  • Fedora – Concentrates strongly on free software.
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux – Based on Fedora, but much more stable and offers support.

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Who uses Linux?

There are a multitude of large companies that use Linux to run their operations, many of which may come as a surprise. For example; governments and their institutions that use Linux include the U.S. Department of Defence, the U.S. Navy submarine fleet, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration, the French Parliament, the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Macedonia’s Ministry of Education and Science, the Government of Mexico City and the Czechoslovakian Postal Service.

Many governments have implemented Linux for use in their schools in order to provide their students with proper computer training. These include Pakistani Schools & Colleges, Russian Schools, German Universities and schools in Switzerland. The “One Laptop per Child” program, which aims to distribute laptops to children in developing companies, decided to use Linux as their operating system based on its low cost.

It is also utilised by Google, Panasonic, Amazon, Peugeot, Wikipedia, Tommy Hilfiger and Cisco, to name but a few.

Internationally Recognised Linux Online Training Courses

Linux continues to grow in popularity, as is evident by the number of students who choose to study Linux online training courses such as those offered by ITonlinelearning. Undertaking and completing Linux online training courses will see you receive a Linux certification, which will open many doors when looking to start a career based on the training that you have undergone.

The fact that the Linux certification is recognised globally, lends credence to its reputation for being a reliable and secure operating system from which to run an organisations operations, something that is highly valued in the business world. Given that Linux-certified professionals have an in-depth technical knowledge and advanced technical skills, they are very much sought after, as they produce a high level of productivity which, in turn, provides their organisation with a competitive advantage.

Which careers follow a Linux Certification?

There are many companies that use Linux as their operating system of choice, giving those that have completed their Linux online training courses a decided edge when applying for positions in these organisations. Some of the careers that you will be able to aspire to after gaining your Linux certification are:

  • Linux System Engineer
  • Linux System Administrator
  • Linux Software Engineer
  • Secure Systems Platform Engineer
  • Linux Development Engineer

It is easy to see why so many people have an entrusted interest in Linux, Linux online training courses and all it encompasses. It always keeps the user firmly in mind as far as ease of use and freedom of choice is concerned and there are many options to choose from when deciding on which version of Linux to use, depending on what exactly you will be using it for.

As for Linux certification, the options are just as many. Whether you are just starting your Linux online training courses or looking forward to a career in system engineering, development or support, having completed your Linux online training courses, you will have ensured that you are on your way to becoming an in-demand professional with skills that will ensure that you are an asset to your organisation.

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