Should I Study PRINCE2 Online or in a Classroom?

One of the first questions many people ask themselves when considering studying towards a PRINCE2 certification is whether to study PRINCE2 online or in a classroom. There are a few factors to consider when choosing what environment is best for you learn in.

Pricing Pitfalls

One of the first considerations people make is regarding the price of a PRINCE2 online course. The cost of gaining your PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner Certifications via classroom training has dropped significantly in the last few years. While this may be seen as a positive, there is a worry that the quality of PRINCE2 classroom training has suffered due to the demand for bargain prices.

For training providers to meet a lower price point, PRINCE2 classroom training has moved towards coaching delegates to pass their PRINCE2 exams at the cost of teaching them to be how to be good PRINCE2 practitioners.

So what effect has this had on the job market? Well there is arguably a higher percentage of certified PRINCE2 practitioners applying for jobs now who may have passed their exams but simply cannot ‘walk the walk’ as proficient PRINCE2 Project Managers.

What are employers looking for?

We have to ask, are employers looking for Project Managers that have been coached to pass their exams or are they looking for certified PRINCE2 Practitioners that can effectively manage projects using PRINCE2? The answer to this is straightforward and simple. Employers will look for ‘low risk’ candidates to take on that have PRINCE2 certifications but also have the experience, knowledge and expertise to be able to run a PRINCE2 project with skill and confidence.

Are you serious about a career in project management or are you just looking to add a certification to your CV? If you are serious about starting a project management career then you need to ensure that your learning experience is to a high standard so you can take on a project management role with confidence and skill.

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Study PRINCE2 Online Benefits

Can learning PRINCE2 online offer you high quality tuition at an affordable price?

Online PRINCE2 courses were was once perceived as a cheaper and lower quality study option but that has changed significantly with recent developments in technology. They are now able to offer high quality, interactive multimedia courses designed to make studying engaging, fun and highly effective.

Obvious advantages of studying PRINCE2 online are being able to study anywhere and at anytime at your own pace. Cleverly developed online courses are broken down in to small bite sized chunks to aid memory retention and allow you to rewind and go over the study material as often as you need unlike in a classroom. You are also able to control the pace at which you study and learn at a pace that best allows you to easily absorb the course content.

Your Learning Schedule

With PRINCE2 training online, there is no need to worry about a tutor having an ‘off’ day or being left behind when you are bombarded with ‘information overload’. Online courses have gone through extensive quality control measures and editing so that the tuition is to a very high standard.

PRINCE2 Exam Simulators

Highly effective exam simulators fully prepare you to pass your exams with confidence. You can also eradicate the fear of writing an exam without being properly prepared by only booking your exam once you are constantly achieving high marks on the exam simulators. Experienced Tutors are also on hand (via phone or email) if you need any help.


Employers are looking for you to be able to implement a PRINCE2 style of project management with confidence and skill. Classroom training is often intensive and online training can help your long term memory retention of what is needed so you can effectively demonstrate that you are the right person for the job. Online course material is of a very high quality now and often costs less than PRINCE2 classroom training. With exam simulators and study done in your own pace and at your own time, you can be confident when taking the exam and getting certified.

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