Will PRINCE2 help my career?


The project management job market is growing at an astonishing rate, considering that there are nearly 2 million Project Managers currently working in the United Kingdom alone. This number is only set to increase as the need for experienced and certified Project Managers grows along with organisations that are undertaking bigger and more complex projects.

But will a certification in PRINCE2 help you to further your career as a Project Manager and will it help you to get a foot in the door when looking to become employed in the project management field?

PRINCE2 and your credibility

Consider the fact that PRINCE2 is regarded as a global standard of competency in the field of project management and that employers are more frequently listing at least a PRINCE2 Foundation certification as a prerequisite when considering applicants for project management positions in their companies. This goes a long way towards proving the trustworthiness and competency level that a PRINCE2 certification can add to an existing CV.

PRINCE2 as an add-on

PRINCE2 is instantly recognisable due to its popularity for being an effective approach to project management and it’s adaptability. Adding PRINCE2 to other project management certifications enhances the chance for the project to be a success, seeing as PRINCE2 can be used in conjunction with other project methodologies, as was proven with the 2015 release of the PRINCE2 Agile qualification.

Many practicing Project Managers who have already gained a different certification, such as PMP or Agile, choose to add a PRINCE2 qualification to their repertoire as an added source of proof of their skills and abilities in utilising best practices.

Stand out as a candidate

Employers look for candidates that have a passion for their chosen field and, although gaining a certification may show that you are dedicated, choosing the best possible qualification will prove that you are not satisfied with just gaining a position, but striving toward building a successful career.

Tailoring PRINCE2 according to each project’s specific needs takes commitment, focus and attention to detail. This will show that you have the presence of mind to ensure your project follows the proper guidelines toward success, something that cannot be attained by merely “going through the motions”.

Gaining the PRINCE2 Practitioner certification readies you to take on projects in a practical sense, meaning that, in a company that utilises the PRINCE2 method, you are already trained to fulfil your duties as a Project Manager. Any potential employer will see this as a tremendous plus point, seeing as this will cut down on the cost and time it would normally take to train someone that is unfamiliar with the role.

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Progress your career

Most project management careers start out in an entry-level position and grow to more senior roles as the Project Manager gains experience. Gaining a PRINCE2 certification can exponentially speed up the progression from junior to senior roles as you will gain the ability to take on more responsibilities and become more assertive when faced with decision-making situations.

Increase your earnings

It is no secret that holding a certification dramatically increases your chances at earning a higher income. The distinguishing factor between getting paid more and getting paid what you are worth lies in the certification that you choose to pursue. There can be no doubt as to the effectiveness of PRINCE2 and, therefore also the credibility of the PRINCE2 certification.

Remain relevant

You may be a Project Manager that has been using the PRINCE2 methodology for years and consider yourself to be well experienced. While this may be true, it is only human to pick up a few bad habits in nearly anything we do, or to forget intricate little details that may have been prominent when starting out.

Refreshing your knowledge and “re-learning” the PRINCE2 method will guarantee that you dust the cobwebs out of the corners of your mind and will ensure that the knowledge that was gained when first studying PRINCE2 remains fresh and up to date.

Equally important is making sure that the few sloppy habits that you may have picked up are eradicated. Those small details could, after all, determine whether a project ends in a success, or in an untimely failure.

Lead with confidence

There is no place in project management for tentativeness. Being unsure of yourself can not only hamper your own career, but the careers of those that you work with. Making decisions without being certain of the facts could lead to project failure and, ultimately, loss of revenue which can affect the entire organisation.

In order to work effectively with a project team, they need to be able to trust your judgement and know that your decisions are made confidently. This builds respect towards your ability as a leader and heightens trust in your ability to perform the role that you have been assigned to.

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