Get skilled. Get earning: Lean Six Sigma jobs paying an average of £53k

  • Master the leading framework for reducing waste and optimising processes
  • Become a qualified Lean Six Sigma professional in 3 months – without breaking your bank account
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You could be Lean Six Sigma-certified

in just 3 months from right now.

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Projecting Your Salary

We want to help you achieve the best outcome in your studies so that you can flourish in your selected development pathway.

£43.3K /

per year

Operations Manager

£48.1K /

per year

Quality Assurance Manager

£63.7K /

per year

Process Analyst

Earn an average salary of £99k

as an APMG International member.

Handpick Your Solution

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt

Ideal if you’re an early-career professional who wants to expand your skills and knowledge so that you can both learn and earn more.

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

Ideal if you’re a more experienced professional who wants to expand your knowledge to increase your credibility.

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