World Class Support

We understand that everyone learns differently, so we tailor our support to each individual student.

Mentor Support

When you begin your qualification, you are paired with your dedicated mentor. They are there to guide you, motivate you and ensure that you are progressing with your qualification.

1st Point of Contact

Your mentor is there to be your first point of contact for all things concerning your qualification. If you’re needing reassurance, have questions, or require further support from the team, your mentor is the person to reach out to. They are there to ensure that you feel confident in your qualification progress and are on track to complete your training.

Study Schedule

When you start your study journey, you can request a course specific study schedule from your mentor. This will help you set out a study routine and keep track of your learning journey.

Tutor Support

Training is like learning a language. Although it is vital to study and learn the dialect, we believe it is just as important to converse and practice, in order to fully learn. Your ITonlinelearning tutor is here to provide you with the support and skills needed to fully grasp your course content.

1-on-1 tutoring sessions

For every exam you sit, your tutor will provide a 1-on-1 session with you. Here you will have the opportunity to ask questions, gain clarity on complicated topics, and learn from our industry qualified tutors.

Group tutoring sessions

Our tutors hold frequent group tutoring sessions that allow you to converse with other students studying the same course, practice exams, ask questions and become confident in your chosen field. You have unlimited access to these group sessions, ensuring that you are never left confused while you study. Remember, practice makes perfect. These sessions provide an opportunity for you to practice communicating new terminology and executing tasks in your new field. Should you miss a session, recordings are also made available to all students so that you never miss out.

Exam Preparation

Prior to your exam, your tutor will aid you in exam preparation. This involves going over past papers, explaining the best method of answering questions in your exam, and other tips and tricks that will set you up for success.

Learning Material

Not only do you have access to your course material, but our tutors have created additional study notes, tutorial videos, exam preparation videos and industry specific webinars that will further bolster your knowledge. These can be accessed from anywhere, at any time, allowing you to study on the go.

Digital Support

We understand that learning doesn’t just happen during office hours. That is why we have worked to provide you with ongoing, 24 hour support, so that you are never left confused or asking questions.

Student Community

Once you begin your course, you will gain access to our established student community. Here you will be able to ask and review frequently asked questions, speak to your tutor and fellow students, and gain access to additional resources and videos that your tutor creates.


Our skilled team has developed a specialised tutorbot that is able to answer all of your pressing questions as you go through your course. This bot has been trained to tutor our major courses, and is in the process of being trained on all of our training material. It is also kept up to date with the most recent information.

Livechat Support

If you need to speak to one of our career consultants or support members, our livechat is available on our website.

Recruitment Support

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to achieving personal and professional goals. You deserve career consulting and employability advice tailored toward your specific skills, experience, and aspirations – luckily, this is our forte.

Professional CV

Our recruitment advisors work closely with you to create a professional CV that complies with ATS regulations so that your CV is more likely to be seen by employers.

Linkedin Review and Overhaul

Your recruitment advisor will train you on how to improve your Linkedin profiles to increase chances of employability. They will then review the LinkedIn profile and suggest enhancements and provide industry specific guidance to optimise your profile.


You are provided with ongoing support by your recruitment advisor from interview coaching, CV and LinkedIn preparations and reviews, to guidance on how to approach the role you are looking to secure.

Our Students

Our TrustScore consistently reflects outstanding service, with a strong track record of excellent customer experiences. But you don’t have to take our word for it.

The program at ITonlinelearning has been amazing. The flexible online learnings and webinars are perfect for me. The entire team is fantastic, providing valuable insights and keeping me on track. I highly recommend ITonlinelearning for anyone looking to upskill or change careers – Jayachandra

Thanks to ITonlinelearning, particularly my tutor Ryan, I now have five certifications and passed all my exams on the first attempt. The support I received was invaluable, giving me confidence and preparing me for interviews. I will always recommend ITonlinelearning because it truly changed my life – Nancy

The support from ITonlinelearning has been incredible from the beginning, providing swift and professional assistance whenever I needed it. Thanks to my tutor’s easy approach to teaching, I was able to grasp complex topics easily. – Sanghamirta