PRINCE2: Its structures and principles


In this webinar, which is Part 2 of our PRINCE2 series, ITonlinelearning’s Project Management Tutor, Ryan discusses the basic structure of PRINCE2 is with an introduction to the principles that underpin PRINCE2 as a methodology. Essentially, PRINCE2 comprises of 7 principles, themes, and processes, which all fall within the project environment – and this is what the structure of PRINCE2 is.

PRINCE2 stands for PRojects IN Controlled Environments version 2 and is one of the most widely used methodologies in the world for managing projects globally. It is inclusive and can be applied to any project as it is based on established and proven best practices for project management. A few great advantages of PRINCE2 are that it is widely recognised and understood, focuses on the viability of project objectives, and promotes learning from experience and thus continuous improvement.

A PRINCE2 project addresses project management, as we mentioned above, with 4 integrated elements of its principles, themes, processes, and the project environment. In this webinar, Ryan focuses on the 7 principles that underpin PRINCE2 because a project cannot be called a PRINCE2 project if it does not apply PRINCE2 principles, meet the minimum requirement stipulated in the PRINCE2 themes, have project processes that satisfy the purpose and objectives of PRINCE2’s processes, and use PRINCE2’s recommended techniques or equivalent techniques.

Ryan also takes the time to run through each of the PRINCE2 principles such as continued business justification, learning from experience, defining roles and responsibilities, managing by stages, managing by exception, focusing on the product, and tailoring to suit the project. As he works through these principles, Ryan uses the Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2 manual issued by Axelos to provide you with industry-standard content and theory!

In the Q&A section, we explored some questions that our viewers had pertaining to PRINCE2 and projects. Comment below and subscribe to our channel so that we can provide clarity on the questions you have burning in your mind about Project Management: one of the most rapidly evolving & growing industries today.

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