What are the Best IT Courses to Boost My Career?


As we draw nearer to the end of 2020, many of us are starting to think of what we want to achieve in the year ahead.

If your New Year’s resolution is to change your career, you’re not alone. One in four people who make resolutions plan to improve their career prospects.

IT is a great industry to make a move into. There is more and more emphasis on IT systems and processes than ever before, providing a lot of job security and opportunities for advancement.

Whether you want to make a move from your current job into an IT-based role, or you already work in the industry and want to move up the ranks with a security-based qualification, we can help.

Here are some of the top IT courses we recommend to boost your career (and your CV) moving into 2021… and beyond!


Do you want to enhance your career prospects but do not want to make a move into managing people or strategy? If this is the case, CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP+) could be the ideal qualification for you.

CASP+ is an advanced cybersecurity qualification that provides valuable hands-on evidence that you can execute solutions within frameworks. It is ideal for those who have spent time in IT administration and already have practical security experience.

It is the highest level of IT security certification that CompTIA offers and is the final step towards studying towards CompTIA Security Analytics Expert (CSAE) and Security Infrastructure (CSIE) qualification.

Over 2.3 million people have completed the CASP+ exam since 2011, making it a great way to prove that you have practical knowledge and experience of how to keep systems safe.

Find out more about CompTIA CASP+

CompTIA PenTest+

Cybercrime is becoming more and more of an issue, with one out of four UK businesses becoming a victim of crimes including phishing, ransomware and denial of service attacks.

With this in mind, penetration testing (also known as ethical hacking) is becoming an exciting new career prospect for many people. The market is estimated to grow by 22% over the next five years.

Penetration testing is a cybersecurity tactic where simulated cyber-attacks are carried out against a system. This means any vulnerabilities can be identified and fixed before criminals exploit them.

The CompTIA PenTest+ qualification gives you the skills you need to become a penetration tester. You can then perform security tests for an organisation, become a vulnerability assessor for an agency, or even start your own business.

You can also partner this qualification with a certification like CompTIA CySA+ to show that you have a good offensive and defensive knowledge of cybersecurity threats, improving your career prospects even further.

Find out more about CompTIA PenTest+

Cisco CCNP

If you want to specialise in network administration or management, a professional qualification will show prospective employers that you have the skills and knowledge to implement and troubleshoot complex networks.

The Cisco Certified Network Professional certification (CCNP) gives you the skills you need to keep your system’s networks up and running. It is the next step up from the Cisco Certified Network Associate qualification.

The benefit of CCNP is that there are two exam modules. One is mandatory, and the other focuses on an area of your choice, meaning you can customise your course to fit your specific needs.

Find out more about CISCO CCNP


If you are in an intermediate role in your organisation and have made it your New Year’s resolution to transition into senior management, CISSP could be an excellent career move.

The CISSP (Certified Information Security Professional) certification shows that you have a thorough knowledge of systems security as well as a comprehensive understanding of new technologies and best practices.

There is a strong focus on concepts and theories in this course, with this qualification covering topics including asset security, security architecture and risk management.

Find out more about CISSP


The CISM (Certified Information Security Manager) qualification is one of the highest-regarded certifications in the world. It shows that you have knowledge and experience in the management and implementation of information security programmes as well as risk management, compliance and incident management.

The advantage that CISM has over other qualifications is that you do not have to have experience in information security before you take the exam. As long as you get five years’ worth of paid work experience in the time after you pass the exam, you will be able to receive your qualification.

Find out more about CISM


CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditor) is a valuable certification that gives you the knowledge to audit and assess security systems. Throughout the duration of the qualification, you will learn how to manage IT systems as well as protect your company’s information assets.

If you are looking to move into risk management or auditing, CISA is often listed as a qualification that is mandatory to have.

Like CISM, you can take the CISA exam before you gain your experience in the industry.

Find out more about CISA

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