What Qualifications Do You Need for Project Management?

If you are looking for an exciting career where you can make a difference, and no two days are the same, project management may be the perfect choice.

A project manager is responsible for handling a specific project from beginning to end. They are responsible for identifying the different stages of the project, liaising with the staff who will be involved, preparing for potential issues and ensuring the whole project runs on time and to budget.

A good project manager has a lot of great earning potential, with the most experienced managers earning on average is £62k!

Companies that work in information technology, manufacturing, accounting and construction can all benefit from having at least one dedicated project manager on board. Did you know that for every one billion dollars invested in these types of companies, $122m is wasted due to a lack of project management?

Whether you are already a project manager looking to move up the ladder or are wanting to get started down this new career path, a qualification will help open new doors for you.

The great news is that there are a variety of different project management qualifications depending on what you want to learn and your timescales. You can also learn online, meaning that you can schedule your learning around your current role and other commitments like childcare.

Here are some of the most valuable project management qualifications around, and which ones are best suited for your needs.

PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner

Ideal for: Those looking to take one step towards complete accreditation.

One of the most well-known and highly sought-after project management qualifications out there, PRINCE2® (short for Projects IN Controlled Environments version 2) is a great way to showcase your skills as a project manager.

The great thing about PRINCE2® is that it was developed in the United Kingdom, so it is one of the most relevant accreditations you can achieve. The methodology is easy to understand, utilising seven themes, seven principles and seven processes. This will help ensure that each stage of a project is effectively managed.

Most colleges offer both the foundation and practitioner courses so you can supercharge your career prospects in quick succession. First you complete the foundation course (which takes about 20 hours of learning) and then quickly move on to the practitioner certification (which takes about 35 hours of learning).

You don’t need any prerequisites to undertake PRINCE2®, but it’s recommended that you have previous project management experience.

PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner.

AgilePM Foundation

Ideal for: Those providing project management in fast-moving industries.

Agile is a project management method that can be used by managers across all disciplines. However, it is particularly useful for those working in specific service areas.

One of the critical things about Agile is that it focuses on small and regular project reviews (called ‘sprints’), making it ideal for fast-moving industries where there may be frequent changes to planned work.

There are no prerequisites to take AgilePM, but project management experience may be beneficial. Once you’ve completed the foundation course, you can look at taking the practitioner course (see below) to further your knowledge even further.

AgilePM Foundation

Change Management Foundation

Ideal for: Those who want to specialise in helping organisations adapt and grow.

The Change Management Foundation course is a special type of project management accreditation, allowing delegates to learn how to prepare organisations and staff for infrastructure changes.

It’s not only an excellent qualification for those working in specific sectors, but those who want to work in an agency capacity helping businesses to adapt.

This course only takes ten to twenty hours of study, making it a quick certification to achieve and one you may consider taking alongside other project management qualifications.

Change Management Foundation

ITIL Foundation

Ideal for: Those who are working in information technology, or would like a career in the IT industry.

The ITIL Foundation certificate has been created explicitly for project managers that work in information technology and information security.

There are specific processes in place for IT projects as ones that do not run to time or budget may not only have catastrophic consequences for company infrastructure and staff, but customers too.

As with the other qualifications on this list, there are no official requirements needed to study this course.

ITIL Foundation

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

Ideal for: Project Managers that want to specialise in quality processes.

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt focuses on reducing errors, ensuring consistency and making sure organisations provide a high-quality service, making it an excellent option for those working in health and safety departments as well as auditors.

There is a lot of focus on reviewing existing data and information to identify potential nonconformities, making this qualification a good choice for project managers who are analytically minded.

After this qualification, you may decide to try the more advanced Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification.

Lean Sigma Green Belt

AgilePM Practitioner

Ideal for: Those who have completed Agile PM Foundation and want to take the next step in their career.

AgilePM Practitioner is the second level of training and gives delegates further insight into how you can use the Agile process to see projects through from beginning to end.

This qualification is a great one to have on your CV and shows your dedication to the Agile philosophy.

AgilePM Practitioner

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