Project Management Career Programme

A job/money-back guarantee* Project Management Career Programme with carefully selected UK accredited courses, support services and recruitment services to help you get your first job.

Become a Project Manager


A job/money-back guarantee* makes this Project Management Study & Job Programme stand out.

You have access to carefully selected UK accredited courses, support services and recruitment services to help you get your first project support, coordinator, project manager, junior project manager or senior administrator job.

You pay for your studies and invest in yourself and we work with you to get your first job working in a professional environment. Training and recruitment support is what we excel at, we have been helping career seekers since 2009 succeed and climb the career ladder.


Quick Overview


  • Job/Money-back guarantee*
  • Minimum of 4 official exams
  • Progress from foundation to practitioner level
  • Get experience managing simulated projects
  • You are supported by a team of experts
  • Recruitment support & CV review
  • 1-year access to 6 UK accredited courses
  • Finance options available
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Fast-track your career

Jobseekers with certifications from this programme are always in high demand and generally attract higher salaries. This is our most popular programme and we have helped hundreds of graduates start new careers in project management.

Project Manager in a nutshell

Picture yourself working as part of a project team or leading a project team to create a new product or service that makes a positive change for a community or an organisation. A Project Manager, often referred to as a PM, is an exciting career that is challenging and rewarding where no 2 days are the same.

PMs are responsible for planning, organising and managing the different stages of a project to ensure project success.

The UK and internationally recognised certifications gained from this programme will make sure that you have a strong footing from which to springboard your career not just in the UK, but globally.

Professional CV Review Included

Not only will these qualifications add great value to your CV, they lay the foundation for a financially rewarding career. Once qualified, you will be passed to our inhouse recruitment team who will create the perfect CV, provide you with recruitment services and help you get your first professional job in the area you have studied.

Who is this placement programme for?

The courses included in this placement programme will assist both those who are new to the field of project management and those project management professionals who are looking to validate their experience with relevant certifications.

If you are naturally organised, have strong administration skills, can follow processes and are a strong communicator, then you are ideally suited. No previous experience is necessary.

Complete support


From the moment you register with us, you will have the guidance and advice you need to successfully qualify and find work in your new career.

Our specialist recruitment consultants support you each step of your job seeking journey. While our qualified tutors and mentors provide you with all the support you need to learn new skills and qualify.

  • A qualified tutor to provide support with course questions
  • Your own mentor to pro-actively support and motivate you
  • Simulated projects to help you gain experience
  • Heaps of revision questions and quizzes
  • Exam revision support
  • 3 official foundation exams
  • 1 official practitioner exam (see FAQs below for further information)
  • Recruitment support from our specialist recruitment team
  • A professional CV review and rewrite
  • An updated LinkedIn profile
  • Interview support
  • Job seeking support
  • Job/ money-back guarantee*

Tried and tested career journey


  • Introduction Course STEP 1
    Go through the Project Management Fundamentals course (PMF).
  • Foundation Course STEP 2
    Next you study the PRINCE2 Foundation course which is compulsory and then take the PRINCE2 Foundation exam.
  • Foundation Course STEP 3
    Continue your foundation studies by studying the Agile PM Foundation and take the exam.
  • Foundation Course STEP 4
    Next study the Change Management Foundation course and take the exam.
  • Practitioner Course STEP 5
    Choose your practitioner course, study, and take the practitioner exam.
  • Assessments STEP 6
    Work through and complete the Project Management assessments.
  • Recruitment Process STEP 7
    Now you are qualified and can opt for our recruitment services.

Success stories


Courses in this programme


Below are the core courses of this package, other courses could be added to help you gain extra knowledge and skills. This study package also includes the official PRINCE2 manual and a practical project for you to manage where you get assessed (see FAQs below for more information).

Project Management Fundamentals (PMF)

Course Overview

The Project Management Fundamentals course will teach you the fundamentals skills and knowledge that are needed to lay the foundations of a successful and lucrative career in project management.


PRINCE2 Foundation

Course Overview

The PRINCE2 Foundation course provides an understanding of one of the world’s leading methodologies. This course will lay the groundwork for a successful project manager career.

APMG AgilePM Foundation

Course Overview

This flexible methodology is popular and growing across the world. It offers an adaptable framework that is highly sought after, especially in sectors that create new products and services.

Change Management Foundation

Course Overview

Understand the techniques and approaches used to prepare an organisation and its employees for change. All projects result in change and people need to be managed through this process.

PRINCE2 Practitioner

Course Overview

The PRINCE2 Practitioner is the second level of training for Project Managers. To manage higher level projects, you will require the skills and knowledge learned from the Practitioner course.

Agile Practitioner

Course Overview

Agile Practitioner is the second level of this popular methodology and to be a project manager using AgilePM, you need to build on your foundation level skills with this Practitioner course. Many companies use a hybrid of AgilePM and PRINCE2.

Career Guide


Average salary


Source: Adzuna
Average Salary
Senior Project Manager
Average Salary
You Can Earn
Average Salary
Project Administrator

Salary Projection

Average salary of
Project Managers


You can earn an average of £50,022.21 a year

There are currently 93665 Project Manager jobs in the UK.

Source: Adzuna

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These are some of our most frequently asked questions. Please fill out the form below for one of our Career Advisors to call you to answer any further questions you have and to help you get your new career journey started.

Are your courses accredited?

We are a CMI, APMG, PeopleCert and BCS authorised training centre and each course in this package is either APM, APMG or PeopleCert accredited. All courses also follow UK methodology and practices used in both the private and public sectors.

Can I use these qualifications outside of the UK?

The courses are UK accredited and internationally recognised. PRINCE2, for example, is the most widely used Project Management methodology across the globe.

What finance options do you offer?

We offer finance through our third-party finance partners, Omni Finance or Premium Credit where you can spread the cost of your study package, exams, and the PRINCE2 manual over affordable monthly payments. This is the preferred option for our students not paying in full.

As an alternative where students do not qualify for Omni Finance, we offer monthly spread payments in-house (ITOL Finance) which are interest-free and cover the cost of the course component only. ITOL Finance, therefore, does not finance the cost of exams and manuals. You can however at any time contact the exam booking team and pay for exams and manuals as you need them.

Are exams and the PRINCE2 manual included in the price?

As stated above, if you have paid in full or been accepted through Omni Finance, then 3 official foundation exams, 1 official practitioner exam and the PRINCE2 manual are included in the price. If you are paying via our in-house spread payment plan (ITOL Finance), then exams and manuals are excluded but you can pay for these at any time by contacting our exam booking team.

What support do you provide?

You are supported by a team of tutors, mentors and recruitment consultants to help you qualify and get work in a professional environment.

Why must I complete my exams before getting a job?

Hiring managers consider qualified job-seekers to be a lower recruitment risk who can hit the ground running and be more productive quickly. You must put yourself in the shoes of a busy recruiting manager to understand why this is always the case.

What recruitment support do you offer?

Once you have completed your exams and the project management assessments, you are then supported by our recruitment team. They will provide you with a professional CV review & LinkedIn profile, job seeking advice, interview advice and support you each step of the job seeking process.

Our aim is to empower you, so you have all the skills needed to secure interviews, master interviews and land the job you want to get. These are skills for life and can help you at any point in your career when you want to change jobs. You will proactively work with our recruitment team as they support you.

How long do I have to successfully pass my exams?

You must pass all 4 exams and complete your project management assessments within 6 months to qualify for the job/money-back guarantee. The total study hours for the courses and completing the assessments varies from person to person but the recommended hours are approximately 105 hours in total. If the job/money-back guarantee is not important to you then you can take up to one year to complete all the exams and the assessments in this package.

How will I benefit from completing this programme?

A rewarding career enables you to grow and develop. This package lays the foundation and kick starts your career in project management or similar. You will harvest what you invest in yourself. After this programme you will have learned new skills and validated this by passing 4 certification exams including a practitioner exam. This adds value to your CV and opens doors to career opportunities where you can further grow.

Practical Experience?

After you have passed your 4 exams, you then work through simulated projects that build in real world experience where you get assessed on key areas of project management. This brings together everything you have learned and gives you the opportunity to apply your new skills.

How long on average before I can find a new job opportunity?

This depends on how long it will take you to pass your exams and practical assessments. It also depends on your location and the number of opportunities close to you.

We aim to ensure you secure a new job opportunity within 12 months of completing your last practical assessment, however on average most students secure a role within 4 months of passing their last practical assessment.

Please note, our recruitment support only kicks in once you have passed your exams and the practical assessment as this is when your CV will stand out with your new certifications and skills.

How does your job guarantee work?

In the event that you have passed all 4 certification exams (3 foundation & 1 practitioner) at first attempt and passed your project assessments within six months of registering with us and do not secure a job placement within one year after passing your last project assessment, we will refund your study fees less the cost of your exams and assessment costs subject to you conducting yourself in a professional manner, accepting reasonable job offers and working proactively with our recruitment team.

It is also subject to you being a UK resident for at least 5 years, having a good command of English, paying your study package in full or if you are paying via spread payments, it is subject to you not missing any monthly payments. Our Terms and Conditions / Terms of Learning also apply.

Can I opt out of recruitment services and your job/ money-back guarantee?

Yes, you can opt out of recruitment services and the job/ money-back guarantee. If you do not need these services, the cost of your package will be reduced, however this can only be done prior to registering for this study package.

What is the best study path for me to follow?

The first step is to study the Project Management Fundamentals (PMF) as this course will give you a solid foundation level of Project Management. Next study PRINCE2 Foundation and prepare and take the official exam. Then study the AgilePM foundation course and take the exam. Thereafter study the Change Management Foundation course and take the exam. The next step is to choose your practitioner course and take the relevant practitioner exam. Lastly work through and complete the project manager assessments. Your tutor can provide you with more detailed advice.

What are average study times for each course?

This varies from course to course and from person to person. Foundation courses typically take 20 hours or more to study and prepare for exams. Practitioner courses take 30 hours or more to study and prepare for exams.

I’m already working, can I study around my current job?

Yes, this study and job programme is flexible and designed for career starters and career changers that might be working in jobs that do not align with their career goals.

Can you tailor a study package for me?

Yes, we can tailor a study package for you based on your experience level and taking into consideration studies you have already completed.

Can you upgrade this package?

Yes you can add additional courses, manuals and exams to better suit your career goals and budget.

If I run out of time, can I renew my training?

You can renew your studies for another year if you need to. You can also add other courses at that time to meet your career requirements. We have a renewals team and a renewals advisor will be in contact as you near the end of your study term.

Once I have completed my studies, can I study further?

Yes, there are further UK accredited project manager, business improvement, best practice and manager courses we offer to further strengthen your CV and portfolio of skills.

What if I have other questions?

Please fill the form in below and one of our Advisors will call you and help answer any questions you have.

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