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Project Managers have the ability to see the bigger picture and help make clear decisions to drive a project to success. They achieve this by using their knowledge of well proven Project Management methodologies and techniques. It could be said that if a project were a journey, the Project Managers would be the guides that would get you safely to the end. Project Managers usually work for larger organisations that have the resources to expand and develop new areas of the industry. Due to this fact, the role of a Project Manager is seen as a highly valuable commodity and this means that they are often paid accordingly. As the drive for future organisations to become more efficient increases as well as the realisation of the benefits of having a Project Manager in an organisation. A trend has occurred where there is an ever-increasing gap in the job market for the role of a Project Manager. The Project Management Institute states that a staggering 22 million new project management job positions will be offered by the year 2027, making this career path one with a bright future.

What type of person do I need to be?

Project Managers need to have a professional attitude and be able to communicate effectively on a corporate level. They carry the responsibility of project success on their shoulders so this means that they need to be level-headed and not break easily under pressure. As a Project Manager, you will need to have a positive outlook so that you can always spot the opportunities for the success of a project to occur. You will need to be well organised and enjoy planning and analysis as these skills form part of the Project Managers core skills.

What will I be doing as a Project Manager?

As a Project Manager you will be involved in the planning of the project from the start and continue right to the end.You will attend meetings and communicate regularly with important members of the project. You will then be using analysis techniques and tools to evaluate areas of the project to identify potential risks and to keep the project on track. You will be perceived as someone who has the answers to questions when asked about the project. It is therefore a large part of the Project Manager's role to gather information in order for them to have an intimate knowledge of all the processes and teams that make up the project.

What skills do I need to have as a Project Manager?

For you to successfully perform the role of Project Manager, you will need to be familiar with one of the Project Management methodologies which act as a guideline by which to address the management of a project. These skills can be easily acquired by taking an online course on whichever methodology applies to your particular industry, where you will gain the skills and tools to act confidently as a Project Manager. You may also need to possess industry-specific skills which will allow you to perform the tasks associated with your role with more ease and efficiency. In addition, some existing IT knowledge will be beneficial for you, as well as some proficiency with office software such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. Project Managers communicate at a corporate and project level so it is important for them to know the correct terminology. These terms are also usually taught within Project Management courses.

SENIOR SALARY: £100000,00+ p/a

AVERAGE SALARY: £52000,00 p/a

ENTRY SALARY: £31000,00 p/a


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What are Project Managers saying?
Project Manager

“I get a kick each time I see a successful project to the end.”

Project Manager Woman

“Being a PM is extremely rewarding.. I would not change it for the world.”

Middle Aged Project Manager

“I love analysing and applying my knowledge to a project.”

Why do organisations need a Project Manager?

90% of successful projects are led by a Project Manager

According to a report by the accountancy firm PricewaterhouseCoopers that organisations who employ a certified Project Manager to run their projects are successful more than 90% of the time.

30% of all projects started by organisations fail

The Innotas annual Project and Portfolio Management Survey declared that more than 30% of projects started by organisations are set to fail.. which makes the role of a Project Manager even more valuable.

$150 Billion p/a are lost due to project failure!

A survey carried out by the PMI (Project Management Institute) stated that on average the total loss of revenue due to project failure sum up to a staggering $150 Billion Dollars a year.

How do I start a career as a Project Manager?

Project management is a field which is highly dependent on certifications and ensuring that they are industry-relevant. This includes certifications from some names you may have already heard of such as Prince2, Agile, PMP and MSP. Project management has various methodologies that are suited to different project environments and organisations. To find out which certification is best for you and your career progression, enquire now!

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