Manasvini signed up on the Business Analyst Programme in November of 2021 where she completed 4 exceptional certifications before securing her role as a Business Analyst in June of 2022.

Starting Off

Manasvini signed up to ITonlinelearning on the Business Analyst Career Programme during November of 2021 to further develop her skills and expertise as part of her career plan. She thanked her expert Career Consultant for “talking me through and getting me registered with ITonlinelearning”.   

Manasvini also thanked “the onboarding team and exam coordinator for making my settling in period and exam booking hassle-free”.

After passing her exams, Manasvini was passed onto recruitment to secure the position she had worked so hard for in June of 2022.

The Recruitment Phase

Manasvini has great gratitude for everything her Recruitment Advisor assisted her with – “for immense support, weekly calls, interview prep, and mock interviews”. It’s because of this support and Manasvini’s hard work that after just 3 months in recruitment, Manasvini accepted a job offer as a Business Analyst!

Manasvini’s Advice

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. The money invested in learning and career development is worth it. Of course, you need to do your hard work. When hard work meets the right guidance, growth is inevitable. That’s what ITonlinelearning is: the right guidance.”

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